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   Chapter 151 She Is Excellent

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Ten minutes in the afternoon, Euralia asked Terri to prepare the food materials for her to cook tonight.

Terri didn't know why Euralia ordered to buy food today. She thought Euralia asked her to buy just because she wanted to eat food.

However, in the evening, when Terri came to the kitchen, she saw some more cooking ingredients.

To her surprise, the ingredients here were all Mr. Bill's favorites.

In the morning, after learning about Bill's favorite food from Euralia, Shirley went out to buy this afternoon.

"Terri, have you bought the things I told you to buy?" Euralia went to the kitchen and asked.

"Yes, I bought them. It's all your and Mr. Bill's favorite food tonight. I will do it right away. The kitchen is so dirty. You'd better go to have a rest. "

Terri said as she was ready to wash the vegetables she had bought today. As the belly of Euralia got bigger and bigger, her family members did not allow her to do housework anymore.

"I'll cook dinner tonight. Terri, go and have a rest." Euralia came over, picked up the dish and put it into the sink to clean it.

"Miss, you are pregnant now, so you can't do any housework. Go and take a rest. "

Terri turned off the tap and wiped her hands with a dry towel in case she caught a cold.

"Terri, am I useless?" Euralia didn't look at the vegetable clean and felt depressed.

"Miss, at this moment, your main task is to take good care of yourself." Terri tried to comfort her.

"I have to make a meal for Billy myself today." Euralia was so stubborn that nobody could stop her.

"I'll go with you." Shirley came to the kitchen and said with a smile.

"Miss. Shirley, have a good rest today. And my lady, stop messing around! Get out now. Don't you want to steal my job? "

Terri joked.

"Terri, we won't take your job. Your dishes are great." Shirley was not only capable, but also eloquent.

She made Terri laugh from ear to ear, and Terri got a better impression of her.

Standing next to them, Euralia didn't seem to get involved in their conversation. She turned on the tap and continued to wash vegetables.

"Shirley, let's go together. Terri, you should have a good rest today. "

Said Euralia lightly.

Without leaving, Terri helped them cook.

They had been busy in the kitchen for more than an hour, during which Shirley finished cooking in less than half an hour.

Apparently, Euralia was in the weak position, and it took more than an hour for the dishes to be placed on the table.

"The two maidens are so capable of cooking!" Terri praised while looking at the dishes on the table.

Although she could tell that the food cooked by Euralia didn't look as good as that cooked by Shirley, it was a good thing for people who didn't do housework all the year round.

"Terri, are you telling a lie?" Euralia knew herself well enough to know what kind of food she was good at.

Tonight when they were making dinner together, she saw another capable side of Shirley.

Although the two of them had mixed dishes, Euralia could tell at a glance that the meal was cooked by Shirley.

The dishes she cooked smelled good and also tasted good.

"Miss, you se

ter all, before I got pregnant, you never mentioned about our marriage."

Because of her strong sense of inferiority, she thought there was a great gap between her and Shirley.

Maybe just as Scott said, Shirley was the perfect daughter-in-law for the Ou family.

And the reason why Bill chose to marry her so soon was because of the baby in her belly. A shotgun marriage was not what she expected.

"Why are you still doubting the love up to now!"

Bill looked at her in disappointment. He couldn't stand her suspicion about him. He thought they would step into the marriage hall soon, and that they had trusted each other since long ago.

But today he found out that she was suspicious.

For countless times he risked his life to save her, but there was no sincerity in her heart. He was really sad.

As soon as she was about to explain, Bill let go of her hand and left.

It was the first time that Bill got angry with her after he knew that Euralia was pregnant. He could stand everything except the question of his love.

At the same time, she felt a little regretful for what she had said just now. She was not even sure about what does he mean by the look in Shirley's eyes

She was so sure that he might fall in love with another woman, she knew she had hurt him.

But she couldn't take back what she had said.

"Billy, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have suspected you. " Tears went down her cheeks.

She was too afraid of losing him, so she was woolgathering. However, it never occurred to her that it would hurt the person she loved most.

Before going to bed tonight, Bill didn't come to tell her stories. Euralia wanted to apologize to him several times, but she failed.

She was used to his indulgence, and her eyes had been fixed on the door since she sat in the room.

She believed he would come!

Finally, she heard footsteps coming from the door. Thinking it was Bill, she climbed to the bed immediately and turned sideways, pretending to be asleep.

The footsteps outside the door were getting closer and closer to her. Hearing the footsteps, she turned around immediately.

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