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   Chapter 147 A Proposal

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The next morning, Euralia got up early and began to dress up.

She had thought the whole night yesterday. With her brother's encouragement, she decided to go to the company with Bill today.

She made up her mind to face it bravely.

Now she and Bill had a baby. From the moment she decided to keep the baby, she knew that this day would come.

These days, she has been deeply in love with Bill, and it was this love that made her brave enough to go

Today she must dress herself up to be a woman who could match with Bill.

Euralia stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. The dress she was wearing had covered her slightly swollen belly.

She looked good.

At the thought of making their relationship known to the public later, she felt a little nervous.

"You deserve him. Be confident."

She patted her face gently to encourage herself. In contrast, they were a perfect match in appearance while they were not in other aspects.

She grew up under the protection of Bill. She didn't only need his care in daily life, but also couldn't help with his work.

It was because of this that she felt a little unconfident.

"What are you murmuring to yourself?"

Bill walked in from the door with a lovely smile.

At the sight of Bill, Euralia smiled.

"Billy, do you think my dress is beautiful?" She said and circled in front of him.

"Of course you are beautiful. In my heart, you are always the most beautiful."

"But I'm still a little worried. Are you really going to make your decision public?"

The smile on Euralia's face disappeared all of a sudden. She had a hunch that something would happen. Maybe it's because of those words Scott had said to her.

She thought he wouldn't let them get together so easily.

"Are you still hesitating now?" Feeling her uneasiness, Bill held her hands tightly and asked.

"No, I am just worried that it might have bad influence on you."

However, she didn't tell him the truth.

"Now that we've decided to be together, I don't worry about the consequences. I want to be with you not only because of my responsibility, but also because I love you. "

His words set her mind at rest. After listening to him, she finally calmed down.

She leaned into his arms, his love was the source of her courage.

"Billy, I trust you. We will be happy."

Bill said while patting on her shoulder gently.

"Don't worry. I'm here."

Euralia nodded and they walked out of the Ou Mansion hand in hand.

Terri looked at their backs and sighed. She also saw the news about them, hoping that Miss. Euralia and Mr. Bill would be happy together.

Euralia and Bill arrived at the press conference of the company.

After they got out of the car, Moore arrived. It was surprised for Euralia to see him here.

"Brother, why are you here?"

"Someone framed my brother-in-law, how could I not come?" Moore answered.

With Euralia's hand held tightly by Bill, the three of them walked into the house together.

Euralia and Bill's appearance wasn't surprising to the reporters, but the Moore behind them made them confused.

im. Bill took out his phone and hung it up. At the same time, Euralia saw the Scott's note.

"You didn't tell me about it? How dare you!"

Soon in B city, Scott knew that Bill had proposed to Euralia. His blood was boiling up.

"Mr. Scott, I believe that Bill is too young and impulsive. But is it possible that it has been 12 years since Euralia has... "

Violet knew that her husband didn't like Euralia so much and she added fuel to the fire.

"I knew she had this purpose back then. What I was worried about finally happened. How could Bill fall in love with such a woman of low status? "

In his eyes, apart from spending money from the Ou family, she was a weak and incompetent person

If she was really with Bill in the future, it would do no good to his career. So he tried his best to stop them from being together.

"Love will come in time. As the saying goes, it's better for a woman to chase a man. But they haven't held a wedding ceremony yet. We can still time, right? "

Violet said as she handed a cup of tea to him.

Hearing that, Scott frowned and fell into deep thought. Bill was the only son in his family. He couldn't let him make decisions on his own in his life.

"It seems it's necessary for me to do it personally." Scott took a deep breath.

In A city, seeing Bill's pale face, Euralia asked him to go home with the excuse of her uncomfortableness.

When he hung up the phone, she saw Scott's note but he didn't admit. She knew what he did was all for her good.

However, she still felt sorry for him. Scott was Bill's only family in the world.

He had broken up with Scott when he adopted her. If he hadn't got the consent of their wedding. She could imagine how bad the relationship between the father and son would be in the future.

When they got home, the upright Bill went to his study and called his father.

However, he didn't know that Euralia had overheard all their conversation outside the study.

What she had been worried about had happened. She knew it would be very hard for them to be together.

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