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   Chapter 146 Twelve Years

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"Brother!" After hearing his speech, Euralia was quite excited.

No wonder she felt familiar when she first saw him. Moore was her relative.

Moore raised his head a little. He had been looking forward to calling him brother for twelve years. Finally, his wish came true today.

He walked to Euralia and hugged her tightly. At the same time, he also swore to himself that he would take good care of her from now on.

Standing next to them, Bill didn't think too much about the reunion of the brother and sister. Before the wedding, he was also happy to help Euralia realized a wish.

The next day, Moore went back to B city to take care of his company.

Within just one month, he moved all his work in B city to A city and bought a villa near the Ou Mansion.

All the things that Moore had done were for the hard won family bond. As long as he had time, he would come to accompany Euralia.

Euralia enjoyed the happiness of family affection and love, feeling that she was the happiest woman now.

However, Bill had also been quietly preparing for his next marriage with Euralia. He hoped that he could give her a surprise by then.

On that day, a woman with long hair and slightly bulging belly appeared in front of the floor to ceiling window. She was nobody else but Euralia.

As her belly got bigger and bigger, she stayed at home every day except for her regular exercise.

A happy and boring life was waiting for her. But luckily, she was not alone. Moore and Bill could take turns with her.

"Euralia, what did I buy for you?"

Moore had also done his best to care for his nephew who would soon arrive. Every time he came to visit Euralia, he would buy some baby products and some tonics for her body.

"Have you bought something nice for my baby?" Upon seeing him, Euralia grinned from ear to ear.

Ever since they had known each other, she had cherished every moment spent with her brother.

Moore cared about her as much as Bill did. He was trying his best to make up for the mistakes he hadn't made in the past twelve years.

Their parents passed away when they were still very young. As an elder brother, he should take the responsibility to bring up his sister. He should be responsible for it. Moore had been feeling guilty about her.

"Go and see if you like it or not? It's a pity that I don't know the gender of the baby. "

Euralia opened the package and saw a set of lovely baby clothes. She liked it very much. She took it out, looked it over and over again.

The scene of them getting along was seen by Michelle who came in.

Of course she still remembered Moore that he doubted her one month ago when they went out for a picnic.

But why is he still in the Ou Mansion? She didn't see him last time she came here.

With a closer look, Michelle found that Euralia was with a big belly today who usually wore loose clothes and she couldn't see it

Michelle had been waiting for the news from Scott, but nothing happened after more than a month.

She had to find a solution by herself.

"Michelle, you are here." It didn't take Euralia too long to notice that Michelle was standing at the door.

"Mr. Bill didn't come back this noon, so he asked me to check how you are at home."

Michelle walked in and sat down. She didn't seem happy

a dangerous light flashing in Bill's eyes.

The surrounding reporters made way for him.

As soon as Bill reached Euralia, she threw herself into his arms.

They hugged each other as if no one else was around. Although the reporters didn't dare to say anything, the cameras in their hands were still taking pictures.

"It's okay. Let's go home." Bill said gently to the frightened Euralia in his arms.

Euralia nodded.

Bill crouched down and held her up in front of everyone, completely ignoring others' opinions.

A long time ago, Bill had thought of many pictures that he announced that he liked Euralia publicly.

Now that he had achieved his goal, he could announce to the world the woman he loved most, that was, Euralia.

The journalists looked at each other, and nobody dared to ask questions.

Everyone was afraid of offending Bill, but seeing that he did not stop them from taking photos, a bold reporter finally could not help but ask.

"Mr. Bill, what's your relationship with Euralia?"

Bill turned around and shot a cold glance at the journalist who just questioned.

The reporter who had asked these questions was frightened by Bill's cold eyes.

"Do you really want to know?" Bill retorted.

All the reporters present nodded.

"Wait at the journalists' reception desk of the Ou Group tomorrow. I will give you an answer."

Bill knew better than anyone that it would ruin her reputation if the media photographed her when she got pregnant before marriage. He must protect her well and would never let her get hurt.

So Bill decided to make it public tomorrow.

Back in the car, Euralia frowned and showed a bitter face. It was about the change in her relationship with Bill that even she wasn't ready for this.

She recalled what Scott had told her in B city, and she was very nervous.

"Billy, do we really have to make it public?" She asked worriedly.

"There is no real blood relationship between us. It is only a matter of time before we tell the public. Don't worry, Euralia. I'm here. "

Bill had made a plan without any hesitation.

Tomorrow he would give her a big surprise, which had never been achieved.

marry and settle down!

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