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   Chapter 144 His Identity

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"I didn't do anything to you? Why are you so nervous? " Moore folded his arms across his chest and stared at Michelle.

Michelle was a little guilty that she had deliberately framed Euralia, so she didn't want to tangle with him at all.

"I'm busy. Get out of the way." Said Michelle in an unfriendly tone.

"I haven't finished my words yet. As Bill's assistant, you should be very considerate, but you didn't persuade Euralia to take photos in such a dangerous place."

What Moore said was only suspecting that Michelle had said it on purpose, though he didn't have any evidence.

"Mr. Moore, I guess you have known Euralia for only a few days, right? Our relationship is not like what you think. "

Michelle was very unhappy when she received the call from Bill and asked her to go out with him for a picnic. She was told to entangle Moore.

She didn't expect him to be more sensitive than Bill and suspect her.

Moore wasn't sure whether Michelle did this on purpose, but he wanted to remind her that this was for the sake of Euralia's safety.

If Michelle really wanted to do something bad, he could give her a warning this time. It didn't matter if she wasn't. He didn't know her at all.

Michelle took a glance at him and left in a hurry. Bill and Euralia had already been discharged from the hospital.

The three of them went back to the Ou Mansion. After the accident, Euralia and Bill liked to stick together.

This time, Moore acted kind of strange and didn't interrupt their romantic moment. As soon as he got back to the Ou Mansion, he headed straight to his own room.

"Mr. Moore, would you like to sit down and have a drink?" Bill stopped him.

"Sure." The smile on Moore's face didn't fade.

"You guys continue. I'm going to rest." The doctor told Euralia that she needed more rest and she should pay more attention to her health for the sake of her baby.

Terri walked to her and helped her upstairs.

Bill took Moore to the room where wine was displayed.

"Mr. Bill, I didn't expect you to have such a treasure!" His eyes gleamed with hope.

"You can choose whichever you like."

After this incident, Bill didn't hate Moore as much as before. At least Moore was a good man.

"Is this the compensation that I saved you?"

Moore continued to tease him and picked up the red wine.

He was in a bad mood. It was not bad to have someone drink with him.

He was very confident when he came to this city.

But when he saw that Bill tried his best to save Euralia, he had to give up.

Recalling what had happened today, they both worried about each other. They loved each other.

"If you think it's compensation, I can do it." Bill handed over one of two cups to Moore.

Moore took the wine and put it on the table. As he opened the bottle, he didn't pour the wine into the cup.

"Then I'm welcome. Today's goal is to drink up all the wine you have collected."

Moore drank the red wine directly and he put down the bottle after half a bottle.

"But wine didn't drink like that." Bill poured half a cup and tasted it slowly. The sweet aroma gave him a lingering taste.

"I li

bers in such a short time."

In the past few days when she didn't pay much attention to them, the rabbits raised by her had already raised three little rabbits.

This was the most exciting news for Euralia since she came back from B city.

"We will have a new member soon," Bill hugged her from behind and gently stroked her slightly arched stomach.

She turned around with red eyes.

"You know what? I dreamed about my family just now. "

"Family? Do you still remember your family? " He couldn't help averting his eyes from her.

"I can't remember. But I can feel that they miss me very much in my dream."

She had rarely had such dreams before. She missed her family so much probably because of her pregnancy.

"It's just a dream. Don't take it seriously." Bill replied.

"You promised me to help me look for my family. Is there any news?"

Bill shook his head. His mind was even more chaotic, wondering whether he should tell Euralia or not.

"If I can't see my family, it might be the biggest regret in my life."

Euralia sighed in disappointment.

After hearing her words, Bill finally decided to investigate about her past before deciding whether to tell her or not.

"If it is God's will, I believe you will meet each other." Replied Bill perfunctorily.

They took a walk in the back garden till the evening.

When they were about to walk back to the living room, Terri came over with an express package in her hand.

"Mr. Bill, I have a package for you."

"Parcel? When do you like online shopping, Billy? " Euralia took over the package first.

"Nothing special, it's just something need at work." Bill reached for the package from her hand.

However, Euralia rose her hand and didn't allow him to touch it.

"I have never seen you online shopping before. I just want to see what you have bought!"

Euralia said as she liked!

Terri also looked curiously at the package that was being opened by Euralia. Without stopping her, Bill stood aside calmly.

When Euralia opened the package and saw the gifts, she looked at Bill in surprise.

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