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   Chapter 142 He Loves Her So Much (Part One)

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Bill jumped into the spring water the first time. Because of the hot weather, he sweated a lot when he ran over there just now.

The spring water was too cold. When Bill jumped into it, he felt something strange. His sole was frozen by the ice water.

He swam towards the direction where Euralia was struggling. Seeing the helpless look on her face, Bill felt very sorry for her and almost forgot about his trembling feet.

"Don't be afraid, Euralia. I'm here with you." Bill consoled the frightened Euralia as he swam towards her.

Finally, he came to her and held her in his arms with his hands, which were still able to move.

"Billy, I'm so cold." With her lips pursed into purple, she held Bill tightly with her cold hands.

"It's okay. I'll take you ashore right away." Bill swam towards the shore as fast as he could.

His sole had become numb. He could only move the spring water with the other hand. At last, Bill got her back to Moore who was stretching out his hands to wait for her on the shore.

Moore knew the temperature of the spring water was different from that on the shore, so when he saw Bill jump into the spring water regardless of the water, he wisely chose to help him on the shore.

However, the bottom of Euralia's feet had blocked by water plants. It was difficult to drag her back to the beach.

"I will dive down to pull out them." As soon as Bill finished speaking, he dived down.

He was worried that the cold spring water soaked in Euralia's body and the baby would be affected if she stayed in it for too long. Even though he knew that he might be in danger of death after the diving, he did not hesitate to go into it.

Standing on the beach, who knew nothing about it, Moore didn't stop him. He could se

that Bill's cramps had become even more serious. Moore can't see it and he gave a request.

"Let me help you to knead and see if you feel better."

The pain made Bill grit his teeth and he nod. He was so painful that he was in a cold sweat. But he didn't want to Euralia worry him so he didn't make a sound.

"Please help him, Mr. Moore."

Euralia wiped her tears and suddenly felt herself useless. All she could do was to stay with him and hold his hand to comfort him.

At this moment, Moore came up to give Bill's leg a massage. Although he didn't know whether the massage had taken effect, he could only use it as a living doctor.

Bill's face was obviously getting better. The same as Bill, Moore was covered with sweat for massaging.

"Thank you." Looking at his so attentive gesture, Bill thanked him for the first time.

Upon hearing his thanks, both Euralia and Michelle widened their eyes.

They had stayed with Bill for the longest time. Few people could make him say thanks to them.

He thanked him in a sincere way, which surprised everyone in the situation. Even Moore, who was massaging for him, thinking he was misunderstood his words.

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