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   Chapter 140 Being Jealous

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"Your lover? Do you really know what is a lover? If you really love Euralia, you wouldn't have got her pregnant before you got married! Do you know how much public opinion she is going to face? "

When Moore knew that Euralia was pregnant, he became more angry. He felt that Bill was unreliable and had a stronger desire to take back Euralia from him.

He would never let her marry a man who was irresponsible to her!

At the first sight of Euralia, Moore had an inexplicable impulse to protect her. There seemed to be some kind of emotion in his heart that drove him to do so. Sometimes, he even felt that it was not because of love.

But as far as their relationship was concerned, only love could reasonable keep her under his protection.

What Moore said was right. Bill should have a perfect wedding for Euralia first.

"Bill, I won't give up easily. It's too late. I'm going to bed." Then Moore turned around and left.

Standing on the top of the building alone, Bill stared at the reflection in the swimming pool. To his surprise, it was Euralia, who was frowning.

"Euralia, I won't let anyone to hurt you."

He knew better than anyone else that they must face great moral pressure and the obstruction of Scott.

He had been well prepared for all these, but the only thing he worried about was that Euralia couldn't take it.

He only hoped that they could be as happy as they are now.

However, with the intervention of Moore, they were doomed not to have the sweet lovers' world as before.

The next morning, as soon as Bill went downstairs, he saw Moore and Euralia sitting in the living room. To his surprise, he was helping Euralia with a glass of milk.

He did this for Euralia every day. How could it be Moore?

Expressionless, Bill walked into the living room and glanced at Moore. But Moore pretended that he didn't see him at all and asked Euralia directly.

"Does the milk taste good?"

"It's delicious, just as the soup Billy made for me." Euralia praised.

Seeing this, Bill rushed to make a cup of milk and put it in front of her.

"Drink this. I think the scents I made are quite different from that of him. "

She knew that Bill was being jealous, so she picked up the glass of milk he made, intending to drink it. However, she was stopped by Moore.

"You can't drink too much milk with high fat. You can only drink one glass of milk every morning, Euralia." Moore provoked Bill intentionally.

"But Billy did this for me." She didn't want to let him down.

For the sake of her health, Bill finally took the initiative to drink the milk himself.

"It seems that Mr. Bill is very considerate for you." Said Moore scornfully.

He had decided to replace Bill's care for Euralia. He could also give her care the same!

Bill looked at him with cold eyes. If it weren't for the fact that Moore had saved Euralia, he could have driven him away now.

"Euralia, I need to go to the company. When I come back, I'll accompany you to the hospital for a check-up," Bill remembered clearly the regular check-up date for her.

"I can go there alone if you are busy with your work." She knew that he was also busy with his work, so she didn't want him to always worry about her.

"No, wait for me at home, okay?" He walked up


"Euralia, please don't ask outsiders to help us. Besides, it's not convenient for a single man like Mr. Moore to come here with you. "

Bill had always treated Moore as an outsider.

"Okay." With the support of Bill, Euralia walked out of the hospital.

A hint of disappointment could be seen in Moore's eyes as he noticed that Euralia was so dependent on Bill.

In fact, what worried him most was that Bill was not loyal to her. That's why he insisted.

He also walked out of the hospital, keeping his head down.

They went back to the living room. In a disguised manner, Bill drove Moore out.

"Mr. Moore, you have been living at the house for a few days. I didn't see you walk around. Do you want me to ask my assistant to go with you. My capable assistant is also single! "

The reason why Bill emphasized single was that he didn't want Moore to get involved with Euralia. He hoped he could leave as soon as possible.

"I haven't rested enough for only a few days. Are you so eager to drive me away?" Moore tried to retorte Bill as if he was joking in front of Euralia.

"Billy didn't mean that. He just wanted you to go out for a walk more often. It's not good for you to stay with me at home every day in these few days. "

Euralia spoke for Bill everywhere, full of love.

"For me, it's also a happy thing to spend more time with you." Moore euphemistically expressed his love for Euralia.

Of course, Bill knew that Moore's words which made him unhappy.

"It's Euralia's break time. I'll go with you." All he wanted now was to get rid of Moore as soon as possible. He didn't want to see him again.

"Don't you need to go to work later, Mr. Bill? Do you need me to go with her? " On the contrary to Bill, Moore was smiling all the time.

His face has always been full of mysterious smile, and no one could guess his joy or sorrow.

"I will accompany her at home these days." Bill seemed to have secretly told him that he didn't have the chance to meet Euralia anymore.

While they were fighting each other overtly and covertly, Euralia was completely unaware of the intention of Moore. She followed Bill upstairs as obediently as before.

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