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   Chapter 139 An Uninvited Guest (Part Two)

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"I was worried that you were too busy, so I didn't dare to disturb you." On the other hand, Euralia was very friendly to him.

Bill couldn't stand it and got off the car as well.

"Oh, it's Mr. Moore. I remember that your company is in B city. When did you come here? "

While speaking, Bill took his hand off Euralia's shoulder and pulled her back to his side.

On the other hand, seeing his reaction, Moore was even more sure that his relationship with Euralia could be more than siblings.

Judging from his jealous tone, it sounded like they were a couple!

The reason why Moore was here today was that he found that he missed her so much after she left. He wanted to try his best to win her love.

Of course, before that, he must know her current love life. But now it seemed that Bill was the biggest obstacle for him to chase after her.

"I'm going to stay in A city for a few days. Mr. Bill, could you allow me to live in your house for a few days if you don't mind?"

The purpose of him this time was to get close to Euralia and hope to get along with her, so he offered to live in their house.

"Of course. I lived in your house for several days before. I believe Billy will also welcome you to our house."

Euralia agreed without asking Bill's opinion.

Bill had to agree to let him move in. After all, he had saved Euralia, so it was only a favor.

As soon as Moore entered the house, he sat down in the living room and started chatting with Euralia. They were having a good time chatting. Being ignored, Bill felt sad.

After all, Moore had just arrived at home and they really enjoyed the time. Out of politeness,

In the moonlight, Bill's fair face was as pale as paper and cold as ice. He was more averse to Moore because he was certain that he was his rival in love.

"No, I won't give up unless she refuses me." Since Moore had decided to come here, he would never give up unless he reached his goal.

"In that case, I don't have to conceal the truth from you. She is carrying my baby. I will marry her soon. So please stay away from her."

Bill was not afraid to tell the truth.

"She is pregnant with your child?" Moore asked back in disbelief. He had only suspected that there was an ambiguous relationship between them, but he didn't expect that it would be so intimate.

"Yes, Euralia will be my future wife." At the moment when he announced that she was his woman, he was extremely proud.

It was the happiest thing for him to have the woman he loved. He couldn't get such happiness from his career.

"Mr. Moore, go to bed early and leave tomorrow. I have made it clear to you. Thank you again for saving my wife."

He was certain that Moore would drop out once he learned the truth.

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