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   Chapter 137 What I Am Thinking About

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10375

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"Promise me." Euralia said with a big smile.

"If I keep my promise, shouldn't you give me a reward first?" Bill teased her deliberately.

He missed her so much during these days when they were apart. They hadn't confirmed their relationship since they came home.

At least, he needed her to express her thanks to him in person. He was waiting for her kiss.

"What reward do you want?" Pretending not to understand, she pinched his face with both hands.

"Do you dare to ask for any reward? I'm a pregnant woman. Why don't you serve me well? Do you need a reward?" Euralia Pretended in a threatening tone.

"No, of course not!" Bill gave in and wrapped his arms around her waist, allowing her to pull his delicate face.

"That's more like it. I will give you a reward for that." At the same time, she gave him a kiss on his face.

He grinned from ear to ear.

He enjoyed the time spent with her. She had changed a lot since she came back from B city.

Although they never mentioned about their relationship, yet they both seemed to have acquiesced in it.

Although Bill promised her to look for her family, he was not in a hurry.

In order to avoid any accident, he decided that he would not look for her family members until he officially married her.

He had put aside his work temporarily and put all his time on her.

They often went out for a walk and read books together, and they did things that they had never done before.

During that period, Euralia was informed by the college that she should consider the suspension of schooling since she asked for leave too frequently.

It happened that Bill had decided to let her go back to school after the baby was born. So he accompanied her to go to the school for the procedure.

It had been a long time since she last went back to the school. Her arrival attracted a lot of attention. But the reason, of course, was that she was with Bill.

Many students in the school knew that Euralia had a handsome brother. Every time he came to the school, he would attract lots of people, and this time was no exception!

A lot of female students threw enthusiastic glances at him, which was noticed by Euralia.

If it was in the past, she would have ignored it. But this time, she was a little jealous.

"Look at you. Wherever you go, you attract so much attention. You really have luck in love."

At the same time, she held his arm with one hand, showing an intimate look with him. After all, she was his woman now. She didn't want other women to cast greedy eyes on her man.

Maybe it was a woman's instinct. She didn't want to share the one she loved with other women, and she would even be uneasy if those women looked at him.

She even wanted him to put on a mask so that no other women could see his handsome face.

Bill's face, which used to be as cold as ice, showed a fond smile. He bowed his head and touched her little face with one hand.

"Honey, are you unhappy? Or jealous?"

"I'm not jealous at all. But can you please wear a mask when we are in public?"

She pouted and looked away.


he recognized it was Mr. Bill. 'He smiled at the woman and reminded her to take care of herself.

What a surprise? Wow! Mr. Bill's icy cold face turned to a smiling face?'

"Uh... Mr. Bill, I can do it myself." She said in a trembling voice.

"Don't do this again." The smile on Bill's face disappeared all of a sudden when he shifted his eyes to the female employee.

"Yes. But I'll take the files by myself." The girl was shivering.

Organizing the files was her duty, but just now she complained in front of Mr. Bill.

Everyone in the company knew that he was known for his being strict, and he didn't like to hear his subordinate complain either. She thought she was doomed to be fired this time.

"It's okay. Let's send the documents for you." Euralia reached out her hands again.

Not wanting her to help, Bill actively helped the girl send the documents to her department.

The department manager was also frightened when Bill delivered the documents to his desk in person.

"Mr. Bill, why are you..." He was dumbfounded and became tongue-tied.

The girl stood beside, sweating. She was ready to quit.

Bill didn't say anything, but Euralia opened her mouth.

"You're welcome."

Euralia hadn't graduated. She had never been to the workplace. In her eyes, there was no rank. That's why she would do that today.

The reason why Bill obeyed her was to make her happy. As long as she was happy, he would do as she said.

"Euralia, let's go." When he shifted his cold eyes to her, they seemed to melt in a flash, as tender as water.

Bill took her hand and went out.

The Department manager breathed a sigh of relief and began to accuse the female employee.

"What... What's wrong with you? How dare you ask Mr. Bill to help you with the documents?"

"Boss, you must have misunderstood. It's not me but the woman next to me. Mr. Bill seems to listen to her very much!" The girl apologized in a low voice.

"Mr. Bill will listen to that woman!" The department manager was astonished. In their eyes, nobody could manipulate Bill.

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