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   Chapter 136 I Miss You So Much

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"If you dare to do anything to her, I will never forgive you for the rest of my life." Bill threatened.

"Violet invited you for a family reunion dinner. Is there anything wrong? That's how you are going to fight back, "

Scott put on a reasonable look at the beginning. In fact, a lot of things he did were deceitful and not reasonable.

Bill knew it best.

However, since he mistakenly thought that they had a hold of Euralia, he had to put up with it for the moment and stay here to probe into the truth.

Bill agreed to stay. It was rare for Scott to have more time to stay with Bill.

Actually, his relationship with Bill wouldn't be so stiff if there were not misunderstandings between them before.

Although Bill agreed to stay, he didn't eat with them.

The house that his mother used to live in was still the same, with traces of her mother's past. That was one of the reasons why Bill decided to stay.

He came to the room where he lived before. It was as spotless as it was when he was a child.

So it could be seen that the room has been cleaned up by Scott all these years.

No matter how deep the misunderstanding is between them, he is the only son admitted by Scott. And the heir of the Ou Group.

For this reason, Scott couldn't help but worry about his marriage. And it's impossible for him to let Bill marry a woman without any help to his career.

"There is a guest room over there. You can live there if you don't like it."

Scott came over and said casually.

Bill's room had been decorated with the style more than ten years ago. He worried that he would not be used to living here.

Bill directly walked over and closed the door. He didn't want Scott to disturb him.

This scene reminded Scott of Bill's childhood. Ever since Bill's mother passed away, he was extremely resistant to Scott.

Because of Violet, he didn't want to call Scott father either. So far, the misunderstanding between them has not been resolved.

Scott went back to his room with disappointment.

After closing the door, Bill opened the album in the drawer, where there were old pictures of him and his mother.

Every time he browsed it, his hatred towards Scott intensified.

Having lived in the Moore's house for several days, Euralia missed Bill even more.

She was sitting in the living room, gawking at the milk on the table.

"Euralia, what are you thinking about?" Moore had been staying with her almost every day these days.

He offered a considerate service to her, and in many cases, Euralia could even find a shadow of Bill in him.

"Should I go back? Scott's people might have left. "

Euralia had never thought of the call from Sean, so she decided to ask Bill to pick her up.

The longer she stayed here, the more worried Sean would become, and she didn't want to trouble Moore for too long.

Although they had been getting along very well these days!

"I saw it this morning." Moore told a lie. He didn't want Euralia to leave so soon.

"But I have to go back. After all, this is not my home."

"If you like, this is your home." Moore put it bluntly. He was sure that he had a special feeling for Euralia.


all right, and she was in good health too.

He loved her more. All her previous grievances were moved by his love and Euralia didn't want to leave at all.

The two got along well with each other.

However, on her trip to B city, there was also a mystery in her mind, which was her origin.

As they chatted on the sofa, for the first time in her life, Euralia asked Bill about the scene that he found her.

"Did you find anything special when you found me before? Or is there anything special on me? "

The sudden question of her past made Bill uneasy. Now he just wanted to keep her by his side and be the closest person to him.

So he didn't agree with her searching for her missing parents and siblings.

"No, you didn't." Bill replied.

"Then how can I find my family?" There was a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

"There will be ample time. The most important thing for you now is to take care of yourself."

"I will take good care of myself. But can you help me?" She rolled her clear eyes and moved to the other end of the sofa where Bill was sitting there.

She held on to Bill's arms and acted like a spoiled child.

"Help you? Do you really think that I'm omnipotent? " He pretended that he didn't care. In fact, he enjoyed seeing Euralia play the coquetry to him.

"In my heart, you are omnipotent. Please help me."

She pouted and said with a tender voice.

"Euralia, if it's possible, I'll help you a long time ago. I also hope you can reunite with your family. "

Bill sighed. Actually, he had made some investigations on her, but found nothing.

It was even more difficult to investigate the matter which had been separated from her for twelve years, and she also had no birthmark.

"I'm in a bad mood in an instant. I'd better find other ways." There was a sad look on her face.

Seeing her like this, Bill became uneasy. The doctor had told him to maintain the best state of mood for a pregnant woman, or it would affect the baby.

"I'll help you find it, but you have to keep a beautiful mood." He couldn't do anything to her as long as she frowned a little.

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