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   Chapter 135 His Secret (Part Two)

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"Not bad. I just miss someone all of a sudden." Somehow, Euralia trusted him and opened her heart to be happy.

"Who? I really envy the person you miss. " Moore grinned and gazed at her obsessively.

However, Euralia, who was lost in her own thoughts, didn't notice it.

"A man who is very kind to me. I wonder to know how is he going now." She was depressed at the thought of the Ou family.

Scott didn't allow her to meet with Bill any more. If she still went back to him, their relationship would be worse.

This was the last result she wanted to see.

"Tell me, how nice he is to you." He had made up his mind to be good to her as she said.

Euralia told Moore a lot of things about the past of her and Bill, and he began to imitate what Bill had done to her.

During the few days when Euralia lived in the house of the Ji family, Moore was very considerate. He also bought a brand of milk that Euralia liked to drink and personally made it for her every day.

But his imitate made her miss Bill more!

Sean had been looking for Euralia for several days but still hadn't found any clue. Having no choice, he had to confess to Bill.

After all, Bill has a far more wide range of contacts than him. With Bill's ability, he should be able to find her very soon.

On the phone call from Sean, Bill went to B city overnight as he had found someone he was suspecting.

One of the servants at home told him that it was Scott who set her up on purpose. So this time, he was sure that it was a trick by Scott.

In the Ou Mansion of B city, Scott and Bill, who hadn't seen each other for a long time, were sitti

escaped? " He still didn't believe it.

"She really ran away by herself." Violet continued to defend herself, but Scott anger had been restrained.

"Now that you don't admit it, I have to do it myself." He got up at once and decided to search the villa in person.

Unable to restrain himself any longer, Scott stood up and threw the tea cup in his hand onto the ground.

"Hey, Bill, how dare you! Here is your home!"

Bill replied in a cold tone with a sneer.

"Home? I had no home since my mother died! Why do you always take away the people I love, Scott? "

"You! How dare you! " Scott was been stomping on and on

"You are the one who made me so bold." Since Bill was also in a fit of anger, he said something rude.

"If you dare to search around again, I will let you never see her." This time, Scott made up his mind to kill Euralia in order to vent his hatred.

Today, Bill's argument with him was all because of her!

"What did you do to her?" Bill said nervously, as if he had been chased the string.

"Worried? Beg me! " He wanted to see him give in.

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