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   Chapter 134 His Secret (Part One)

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Moore didn't answer her.

"This is your room." Moore pushed the door open. The pink layout of the room was obviously designed for girls.

"Is this room specially designed for girls?" Euralia was shocked by the decoration of this room.

If she didn't guess wrong, Moore was living alone here. But why would his apartment be decorated the style as girls.

"Sort of." Moore answered.

"It's so beautiful. I like it. Thank you very much, Mr. Ji. " She raised her lips and was greatly grateful for his help.

"Have a good rest. Have a look at your dark eye," Then, he walked out of the room.

Euralia was so tired that she fell asleep quickly.

Moore came to his study and opened the window. He found a car unexpectedly stopped outside his home.

"Isn't it the car that Scott took yesterday?" He was lost in thought.

He had already guessed that he might have already been targeted by the people of Scott. Now, he needed to be extra careful in sending Euralia out.

It was not until the afternoon that Euralia woke up. Still half asleep, she went out to find something to eat.

Before she went downstairs, she passed by Moore's study.

"Is Mr. Ji inside?" At the same time, she tried to peek into the study through the crack of the door.

There was no response in the study. She simply pushed the door open.

"Where is Mr. Ji?" She couldn't help but come in.

Although Moore always had a smirk when he talked to her, he was very serious when he talked about his family.

Euralia was curious about him.

On the desk, there were several story books. Beside the books, there was a white jade with a phoenix carving on it.

Why did he keep a broken jade pendant? Euralia guessed in her mind. But what mad

the living room, wiped her mouth with a piece of tissue, picked up an apple and chewed it. It seemed as if nothing had happened just now.

Now, Euralia had become accustomed to the nausea during pregnancy. She could endure the pain of pregnancy just for the sake of her baby.

Seeing that she was fine, Moore felt relieved.

"By the way, Scott's people are around my house. You won't be able to get out of this house these days."

"Really? Will you be implicated?" She was clear about the power of the Ou family. She didn't want to get others into trouble because of her.

"No. so you need to hide here for a few days." Moore answered.

Euralia nodded. All she wanted now was to remember Sean's phone number as soon as possible. If there was no other way, she could only call Bill.

Thinking of this, she took a big bite unwillingly.

As long as she thought of Bill, she couldn't stop thinking. It was undeniable that she missed Bill very much now. It was the first time that they had been separated for so long in the past twelve years.

"You're in a bad mood?" At the same time, Moore was observing the expression on Euralia's face.

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