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   Chapter 127 I Was Lonely Without You

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"Yes. Come with me." The doctor said.

Euralia got up and followed the doctor out of the ward.

"Stop, what kind of programs do Miss need?" A smart bodyguard stopped them from leaving and asked.

Without Bill's permission, Euralia wasn't allowed to leave the ward.

"Do I have to report every piece of medical examination to you? You are disrespectful to the doctor. Should I inform Bill about it? "

Frowning, Euralia was disgusted with their questioning.

"Miss, we are just following the order. You are making things difficult for us." The bodyguard became timid at once.

"Then get out of the way!" Euralia ordered angrily.

The bodyguards hurried away, but followed them to the physical examination room to wait outside.

Following the doctor, Euralia went into the room and closed the door. The doctor wearing the mask quickly took off his mask.

"Euralia, put on the nurse uniform. We need to get out of here as soon as possible." Said Sean.

Euralia nodded and immediately put on the nurse uniform and wore a mask. Then she left the hospital with Sean.

When the bodyguards found out, they had already boarded a plane to another city.

When Bill arrived at the hospital with her favorite fairy tales, there was no one in her ward.

"You lied to me again!"

Bill was very disappointed in Euralia.

"Mr. Bill, this is the result of the paternity test." The doctor in charge gave the report to Bill. He had no idea about Euralia's escape.

Bill opened the test result, and the result showed that the DNA matched him very much, that was, he was the father of the baby that Euralia was carrying.

"Why did you leave? Do you hate me so much? "

Clenching his fists, Bill swore to himself that he would find Euralia wherever she went.

He immediately sent people to investigate where Euralia was.

Sean took Euralia to B city. He didn't dare to take her abroad without her permission.

They arrived at Sean's villa in B city. Not until then did Euralia tell him about what had happened to her recently.

"He is your brother. How could he treat you like that?"

Sean didn't expect that Bill would force Euralia to have a baby with him.

Euralia felt more and more wronged and cried again.

"I don't have a place to go now, but I'm worried about bothering you."

She was worried that Bill would do something to Sean after he found her. After all, he was a man who would do anything.

"It doesn't matter. Since I have decided to save you, I will be responsible for you to the end. But I need some time to deal with the company's affairs. After that, I'll take you abroad for a trip. If you agree, "

"Okay, thank you, Sean."

She could go anywhere as long as she could leave Bill.

Because she didn't want her baby to be hurt at all, but she didn't want to stay in B city for a long time. If her memory was right, Scott would live in this city.

On the second day after Euralia was missing, Bill was suffering a mental breakdown.

He never thought that he would miss her so much. In the past, he thought it was just a petty squabble between them and believed that she would come back.

But this time was different. She was determined to leave even though she knew she was pregnant w

eelings of Sean other than friendship.

They went to a shopping mall together. He brought her to buy some clothes as Euralia didn't take any of clothes with her.

As soon as she entered the shopping mall, she went to the baby store and chose some clothes for the baby carefully. Sean stood aside with a poker face.

He could see that Euralia was really looking forward to the baby's coming, but he didn't know what had happened between her and Bill.

The more he tried, the more he felt that it was difficult for him to win her heart.

After she bought the baby's clothes, she went into a milk shop which was her and Bill's favorite brand.

She picked up the milk and stared at it blankly for a long time. She recalled the time when she stayed at the Ou Mansion, where Bill often made milk for her.

Perhaps it was because she had left her hometown, she could not help but recall every detail of the past.

"Euralia, just buy it if you like," Sean took a carton of milk and was about to pay the bill.

"No, thanks. I don't like it."

Euralia swallowed and answered. She had made up her mind to forget the past and move on since she chose to leave Bill. She silently made up her mind.

"Well, since you don't like then we buy other things." Sean accompanied her patiently for a long time.

After shopping, she was in a better mood. However, before she left the mall, she saw a car driving towards her.

She stared at the leaving car for a while. Because she seemed to have seen a familiar face just now, but she was not sure if it was the person.

They hadn't seen each other for twelve years!

"What's wrong?" Sean turned to look at the car. If he remembered correctly, that car was very similar to the one he had just met on the road.

"I think I saw an acquaintance. Maybe I was mistaken. They can't know I'm in the country, let alone I'm here. "

Euralia still underestimated his ability.

"Acquaintances? Do you know anyone else in B city? " Asked Sean in confusion.

"No, I don't know him. Let's go." Euralia had already renounced herself of the Ou family.

Her memory of twelve years' absence had been blurred too.

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