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   Chapter 126 I Own This Child (Part Two)

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"Okay, I'll find another way."

"Honey, don't be upset. I need to go to the bathroom now and I'll leave my phone here."

Michelle winked at her. She put the phone on the table. Even if Euralia took the phone to make a call herself, it was not her fault after all.

Euralia understood what she meant. After Michelle went to the bathroom, she immediately picked up her phone and dialed the number of Sean.

When Michelle came out, she found that Euralia had already put the phone back to where it was.

"Thank you, Michelle." She was deeply grateful to her.

"I didn't do anything. Why do you thank me?" Michelle answered with a crafty smile.

"Thank you for coming to see me." Euralia replied with an allusion.

"Well, I will come to see you again another day. I have to go back first. Remember to take good care of yourself."

Michelle reminded her in a feigned kind manner, which made Euralia feel warm.

After Michelle left, Euralia was waiting for Sean to come to the hospital to take her away. He had promised her on the phone just now.

It was in the evening. After work, Bill hurried to the hospital.

He had asked the doctor to do a paternity test and the result would come out tomorrow.

Before that, he had to make sure the baby's safety.

The reason why he believed what Euralia said was that she had always wanted to abort the baby. However, after she went to see the baby's room and disappeared for half a day, she came back and didn't have the slightest intention to have an abortion.

He couldn't help but suspect that the baby in her belly was not his. Maybe it was because she found out that it was

ill there?"

"Still there."

It was not until this moment that she was relieved. She seemed to have changed after waking up, being less impulsive in front of him.

"Have a rest first and don't talk too much." Feeling sorry for her, Bill took her hand.

She nodded and slightly closed her eyes. She knew that they would really be separated forever after today. Before leaving, she did not want to say goodbye to him peacefully.

It was not until noon that she woke up. She asked him to go home to bring her fairy tale books and read stories to her. Seeing that her attitude towards him was getting more favorable, he was very happy.

He obediently went home to look for books, but he didn't know that at the moment he turned around, a doctor wearing the white gown entered Euralia's ward.

"Miss Euralia, are you feeling better?" The doctor picked up the syringe nervously and asked.

"I feel better now. Do I need to have a check-up?" She replied, keeping her eyes on the bodyguards at the door.

The two bodyguards also pricked up their ears to listen to their conversation.

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