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   Chapter 122 I Don't Want This Child (Part One)

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"Terri, what are you doing?" Michelle suddenly appeared, followed by Bill.

At this time, when Bill was coming back home to see Terri and check if it was going well, he ran into Michelle who was delivering some documents at the door.

When Michelle entered the room, she saw Lucy was surrounded by several people. She knew that something was wrong.

"Lucy is the one who changed the bed sheet. Mr. Bill." Terri was too angry to notice Michelle's questioning.

Bill walked in front of Lucy and said slowly.

"Tell me. Is there anything that you want to hide from me? Who sent you here? "

"Mr. Bill, I didn't mean to do that. I..." Lucy was also frightened to see Michelle.

Michelle once told her that if the secret was revealed, she was not allowed to reveal her.

The phone number that Michelle used to contact was not her usual one. She had always been cautious.

It was a nameless card. She had already thrown it away after received a call from Lucy saying that Euralia had a miscarriage.

So even if Lucy said it was her, she had no evidence to prove it. However, the smart Michelle had already found a scapegoat, that is, Scott Ou.

As far as she knew, Scott strongly opposed it when Bill adopted Euralia. So it was natural for Scott to send people to supervise them.

He didn't like Euralia from the very beginning and now he had a reason to try to get back at her.

"Mr. Bill, with all due respect, is he your father?"

While she was speaking, she winked at Lucy, hinting her to answer as she had said.

"Yes, lordship sent me here." Lucy immediately echoed.

Terri had suspected that it was Scott. In order not to worsen the contradiction between the father and son, she did not

but he had answered that she was all right.

The happy and sweet scene in front of her made her doubt that Bill did it on purpose. So she was rather indifferent to Bills visit to the hospital.

"Let's eat something. It's bad for you to be hungry." With a bowl of food in his hands, Bill sat on her bed and coaxed her like he was coaxing a child.

"No, I don't want to eat it. No way! How many times do you want me to repeat? " Euralia couldn't control her temper at all.

After being pregnant, she took a even worse attitude towards Bill.

"You haven't eaten anything for a long time. You must be hungry." Bill was worried that if she didn't eat something, it would affect her health and cause harm to her baby.

"You didn't buy it before, just tell me. What on earth are you hiding from me? "

She had a strong feeling of foreboding, and his obedience made her more suspicious of the incurable disease.

If so, she would rather not stay in the hospital and implicate others.

"Anyway, it's a good thing, not a bad thing as you think. You have to promise me that you will eat regularly and I will tell you the truth later. "

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