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   Chapter 121 Poisoning (Part Two)

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"Is it his request again? He doesn't allow me to get out in case I run away?"

Her smile froze.

"Miss Euralia, what Mr. Bill did is for your own good." Terri suggested.

"If he really cares about me, he wouldn't have done this to me. He didn't allow me to go out, I'll go out."

Euralia stood up immediately and walked outside. She had had enough of his watching and restraint.

When she was at the door, someone got in her way from the side.

"I will go for a walk with you." Bill appeared in front of her.

Raising her head, Euralia replied in dislike.

"No need!"

With a smile, Bill took her words as a gust of wind, and followed her all the way.

Euralia walked in the garden near the hospital building. In order to get rid of Bill, she turned several circles around the garden.

In the end, she hid herself in a rockery and didn't feel relieved until she saw Bill walking towards her.

She didn't want to see Bill now! At the same time, she began to make a plan to escape.

Now they were in hospital. It was easier for her to escape than in the Ou Mansion. She looked around and found nobody was around. She sent Bill away as well.

This was undoubtedly the best time to escape!

Euralia walked outside with hospital gown at once. But when she walked to the door of the hospital, she was stopped by a nurse.

The hospital stipulated that a patient was not allowed to leave the hospital without going through the discharge procedure. Except in special circumstance. What's more, she was still wearing her hospital gown.

At last, because Euralia wanted to leave the hospital without the hospital's permission, her family was informed to come to the h

s stopped by the bodyguards of the Ou Mansion.

Then, Terri put the pot of soup in front of her and questioned her.

Lucy's face turned pale in horror, not knowing what to do. She almost took the money with her and flew away. She didn't expect to be discovered by Terri.

"I, I didn't mean it."

"If you tell me who instigated you to do this, I can plead for you in front of Mr. Bill."

Terri first suspected that Bill's father, Scott Ou, was an instigator of Lucy. She couldn't think of anyone else except him.

"I don't know who gave me orders. She only promised to give me money and let me finish my task. " Lucy would never admit it until the end.

Terri immediately took out her mobile phone and clicked on the recent call records.

"I'll ask you for the last time, mainly because I want to know if you regret or not. You just have to be honest to Mr. Bill and he will give you a lenient punishment."

Seeing the phone number of Michelle in front of her, Lucy knew that even if she didn't admit this time, they would find out that it was Michelle who asked her to do something.

"I said, she is..."

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