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   Chapter 119 Whose Baby Is It

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Embarrassed, Bill was in a trance for a few seconds before coming to himself, and there was no joy on his face.

When he thought of her sudden pregnancy, he couldn't help but think of the indecent photos of her and John. It was obvious that he was not the father of the child.

"Mr. Bill, didn't you hear what I said?"

As far as the doctor's impression was concerned, every father would be very excited to hear the good news. But now, the face of Bill darkened.

"I know. How long has she been pregnant?" Although he had figured out who was the father of the child, he still wanted to confirm the specific time.

"More than two weeks." The doctor answered.

After nodding his head, Bill turned around and walked out of the doctor's office. The news was like a thunderbolt to him. He would never let Euralia have the baby.

"Wait, Mr. Bill, I have to remind you that now your wife is pregnant, so you should not sexually starve her. Besides, this was her first pregnancy. You need to be more careful."

"For what?" Bill stopped immediately, turned around and asked.

"You have been so impulsive for her first night. She is weak and did not get enough nutrition to make her cold."

The doctor clarified.

"Her first night?" Bill was shocked by the doctor's words. He didn't find her redness when they had sex before. What happened?

"That's right. You should remember it later." The doctor answered with a smile.

Bill suddenly understood something and now he was more suspicious that someone must have changed the bed sheet that day and that there was a fake bed photo of Euralia and John.

He had totally misunderstood Euralia. Thinking of this, he immediately quickened his pace to her ward.

According to the doctor, the baby in Euralia's belly should be his.

Thinking of what he had done to Euralia, Bill felt quite guilty.

When he arrived at the door of her ward, he found that Euralia had already opened her eyes and Terri was serving her. She raised her head and saw Bill. But the moment she saw him, she slowly lowered her head again.

Bill walked heavily to her and sent Terri away as he had something important to explain to her.

"Euralia, are you feeling better?" Bill didn't know how to tell her the news.

He had wronged her for a long time. And he tortured her for a long time.

Euralia nodded and looked away. She didn't want to see him at all.

"I have something to tell you. If you are not tired, listen to me first, okay?" Bill turned incomparably gentle, and returned to the way he used to be when he was obedient to her.

"I'm tired. Let me have a rest first." Finally, Euralia opened her mouth.

"Okay, I'll stay here to watch you sleep. I'll explain to you when you aren't tired. " He didn't force her.

Euralia slowly closed her eyes. In fact, she just didn't want him to speak.

"I know you are not asleep. You just hate me. I know that I have done something extreme to you these days. I have to say sorry to you. "

Seeing her eyelashes fluttering, he knew she was pretending to be asleep, and he still said what he had in his mind.

Euralia's eyes turned red, but she tried hard to hold back her tears.

She had no idea why Bill called her b

u Mansion in an hour.

The servants saw these children's products and began to discuss. The Ou family didn't have a child at all, and Bill was acting strangely today. He had asked them to carry things upstairs in person.

He spent the whole afternoon decorating his ideal baby room. Apart from that, he also found that some tiny items that the babies needed were not ready yet.

He entrust the rest of the remaining issues to Terri who just came back from the hospital.

Terri was shocked to see that Bill had made all these things himself. It seemed that the baby in the Miss's belly was his child.

"Euralia is pregnant. She needs it." He didn't hide the thing to Terri.

"I know." Terri was not surprised at all.

"Don't tell her now. I want to give her a surprise." Sitting on the sofa, Bill was searching for children products on his mobile phone.

"But she will know it sooner or later. I don't know if she can't accept it if she knows it. Euralia is so young and innocent that she might not bear many things. "

Terri began to worry about her. Thinking that she had just said in the hospital that she needed to be independent, Terri was still worried that she would really run away because of her willfulness.

"No, I'm here." Bill was more looking forward to this little life that had just come.

Because in this way, he could keep her by his side forever, and if possible, he would give her a perfect wedding.

"But who is the father of Miss's baby? Mr. Bill, I think you should find out who is the father of the child first? This kind of man is so irresponsible! "

Terri could hardly believe that the child had anything to do with Bill, though she had suspected it before.

His eyes darkened and he raised his head to stare at Terri.

"How irresponsible do you think this man is!"

"He is just enjoying his moment without paying attention to the consequences. Miss Euralia is only 20 years old. If she gets pregnant before marriage, it will be bad for her reputation." Terri grumbled.

"This child is mine." Bill answered seriously. He also wanted to tell Terri that he would be responsible for Euralia.

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