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   Chapter 117 His True Color

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After returning to the room, he helped her change her clothes and dry her long hair.

Being by her side all the time, he was reluctant to leave. He didn't expect that Euralia was so weak.

"Miss Euralia is always weak. Now you see, it's getting worse." Terri complained as she put a bowl of hot ginger soup on the table. Then she walked out of the room.

Bill didn't answer. He knew he had done it too much this time.

"Why are you so silly? Is it worth doing so for that man?"

He still cared a lot about what Euralia had done for John. He couldn't believe that she could give up her own health for him.

But he couldn't be so cruel as to ignore her.

Euralia didn't wake up until the next day.

Outside the window, the sun was shining bright and the rain had cleared the sky.

However, they didn't have the good mood to enjoy that. The moment Euralia just woke up, she still remembered what happened yesterday.

"Have you agreed to my request?" She grasped his wrist and asked.

Bill didn't fall asleep last night. She didn't care about him, instead, she asked about something else. He angrily shook off her hand.

"When did I promise you? And even if you hurt yourself, don't ask for my sympathy in the future."

He was unwilling to admit his worry inside. When she woke up, he still said that he would not do anything for her.

"What should I do to make you let go of me?" She was so sad that she couldn't help crying.

Her eyes, which were already red from crying, became wet again.

"Stop crying. I won't let him go even if you cry out all your tears." He was tired of her crying.

As long as she cried, he would be fretful and unable to calm down.

"What do you want me to do to make you agree to my request?" She was still crying.

Bill went out in a fret. When he reached the door, he received a phone call.

The phone call was from the person he sent to spy on John. He was surprised after he received it. Then he hung up and walked in.

"Is it John?" There was a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

"That's right. How much do you think he loves you? I can accept the condition you made just now, but the premise is that he would love you enough."

After receiving the phone call, Bill had already made a plan. Fortunately, he sent someone to watch John, or he would not know the secret.

"Love me enough? What do you mean?" She had a bad feeling about it.

"If he loves you enough, I will let you leave with him. But if he doesn't, you have to stay at home."

He did this only in the hope that she could give up.

"If this is the case, you are doomed to lose." She believed in John. After all, he risked his life to save her last time.

"Don't be too confident, or you will get hurt when you know the result."

The news Bill got was enough to make Euralia completely lose her good feeling for John.

"You can't change my mind about John before you have the evidence. Not everyone is as despicable as you!"


th John was so beautiful that she used to think it was the best memory, but now the beautiful memory was shattered.

She kept knocking on the door of John's room, but Bill didn't stop her. He just wanted her to feel better.

"Open the door!" She didn't feel the pain from her fists.

It was the woman who opened the door. She was surprised to see Euralia.

"Who are you?"

"Who is it? My dear." John had no idea what was going on. He looked around.

He was stunned when he saw it was Euralia.

"What are you doing here, Euralia?" John was in a panic when he saw Bill behind her.

"John, I didn't expect you to be such a person." She slapped hard on his face.

"I'm sorry," he said in a low voice. However, the woman next to him was not happy about the slap.

"Who the hell are you? How dare you hit my man?" The woman looked barbaric and shouted at Euralia.

"Go in now. It has nothing to do with you." At the same time, John wanted to take the chance to close the door.

He felt too ashamed to face Euralia right now. He chose to be with her because her family was rich.

He had never had such a strong feeling for her. He got tired of her after falling in love with her for a while.

Bill grabbed the door with one hand.

"John, don't you think you should give an explanation to her?"

He wouldn't allow anyone to bully her. But when he saw her sad, he decided to interfere.

Under the threat of Bill, John finally opened his mouth.

"I'm sorry, Euralia. I really like you. Tonight, it was just an accident. You know I'm a man and I have desire..."

Before he could finish his explanation, Euralia slapped him again.

"Shut up, you have no right to say you like me, and you don't deserve it."

After slapping her, Euralia ran away crying, but John was relieved.

"John, from now on, don't let me see you appear in front of Euralia." After warning him, Bill ran after her.

Tears blurred her eyes as she was at a loss on the way ahead.

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