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   Chapter 116 I Owe You (Part Two)

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"Mr. Bill, stop beating her." Terri came back from outside and hurried to stop him when she saw this scene.

"Are you all right, Miss Euralia?" She hurried to help her up.

"Keep an eye on her and don't allow her to walk out of the house." Bill went upstairs angrily.

Terri found a hot egg to apply it to Euralia's swollen face, but she refused.

Euralia looked out of the window absentmindedly. She just wanted to be alone.

"Miss Euralia, Mr. Bill didn't really mean it." Terri was surprised to see that he hit her.

Euralia didn't respond. She just stared out of the window. She was very worried that Bill would really do something to John.

But she couldn't find a way to stop him. This time, she could see that he was really serious.

Terri sighed and left helplessly.

At this moment, the clear sky outside the window suddenly darkened. She was completely immersed in how to get him to stop.

Bill, who returned to his study, began to call someone to follow John. He won't just let him off this time. It's too much for him to mess with Euralia.

He was also in a bad mood. He opened the window and looked at the heavy rain outside. His mind was in a mess.

He had a smooth career, but he didn't know how to get a girl's favor.

He had worked hard for twelve years on Euralia, but it might all be in vain after today.

Just now, he could see from her eyes that she hated him so much.

In the study, the quietness was suddenly disturbed by the rapid footsteps from outside.

"Mr. Bill, Miss Euralia has been kneeling outside the living room in the rain since it rained. She sa

sorry for Euralia for a long time if he saw her pale face!

"Mr. Bill, please try to persuade her to come in." Terri has been standing at the door for more than an hour.

She wanted to take an umbrella for her, but she refused. She really didn't know what to do.

"Leave her alone!" Bill replied in a cold voice. She asked for it.

As soon as he took a step forward, he heard a scream from Terri.

With excessive sadness and disappointment, Euralia's body was finally unable to stand that when she had knelt in the rain for more than an hour.

The moment her eyes slowly closed, she seemed to see him. There was nothing but darkness in front of her eyes and she lost consciousness.

Bill rushed out into the rain immediately and picked up Euralia.

Terri, who was standing next to her, had just realized that Bill had already taken her home.

"Didn't he just tell me to ignore her? Words are just words. In fact, he loves Miss Euralia more than anyone else." Terri looked at the back of Bill, who was holding Euralia upstairs, and she sighed helplessly.

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