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   Chapter 115 I Owe You (Part One)

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Euralia put her hands up to her red face and looked at him in despair.

In the past, no matter what mistakes she made, he would not hurt her. This was the first time he had hit her.

"Want to escape! It's not that easy." Bill turned his eyes to John in the pond, who was at his last gasp and kept shouting for help.

Like Euralia, John couldn't swim.

She didn't want to see anyone get hurt again because of her. Even though she had a lot of grievances in her heart, she still bowed to Bill for the sake of John at this time.

"Go and save John. He can't swim. I promise you that I will never leave again." Before Euralia could feel sad for herself, she interceded for John.

Her words added fuel to the fire when Bill was already angry. He dragged her away.

She kept turning her head to look at John, who was still struggling in the pond, and she was very worried.

Bill was already kind enough that he didn't do anything cruel to John. This time, it was just a little punishment.

"What about John? Let go of me. I'm going to save John." Euralia still tried to open the door to get off when she returned to the car.

"Don't worry. He won't die. At most, he will be half-dead."

Then Bill stepped on the gas and drove home quickly.

Euralia knew it was impossible for her to escape this time. She looked out of the window helplessly and all her hopes were dashed to pieces.

There were still five finger marks left on her face, but this pain was nothing to her.

She had been used to his torture, and her heart was numb.

They went back home together. The living room was terribly quiet.


Euralia was so heartbroken that she was numb. Her laughter was full of despair. With these two slaps, she was more confident to let go of what they had done before.

If she could, she would rather starve to death on the street than follow him back to the Ou Mansion.

Although Bill slapped her in the face, his heart was no better than hers.

"How dare you! Is it worth it for such a man?"

His face was livid, and the veins on his face were protruding. The nails of his clenched fist cut his hands and red blood came out of his palms.

"I know whether it's worth it or not. Don't you like to hit me? Go on!"

Euralia wiped the tears on her face with great force, and she was still as stubborn as before.

"Don't think I don't dare. I will beat you until you are totally destroyed today." Bill was completely irritated. He pushed forward Euralia, who was standing in front of him.

She was so weak that she fell to the ground. She sneered, and he saw the despair in her eyes.

In a trance, he even wanted to help her up, but her scornful laughter hurt his ears.

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