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   Chapter 114 Erotic Photos

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In the next few days, Bill frequently made love with Euralia.

She had left him with no choice. Anyway, in her heart, he had become a man who did something evil.

Euralia's body and mind were destroyed. She only hoped that someone could take her away at this time. As long as she left here, she would feel relieved.

After Michelle's skin recovered, she began to appear frequently in the Ou Mansion. She learned from the undercover guy inside that the relationship between Euralia and Bill had been very stiff recently.

But they became more intimate than before!

When Euralia was locked up at home, she looked very haggard and her eyes were full of vicissitudes.

At night, she cried alone in the middle of the night countless times. Thinking of the current situation, she really wanted to escape, but there was no way out.

However, when she saw Michelle, there was hope in her heart again.

She always thought that Michelle was Bill's girlfriend and liked him so much. If she knew that she had made love with him, she wouldn't agree to take her away.

Although they were still like sisters on the surface, in fact, they already regarded each other as rivals in love, especially Michelle.

"Michelle, I haven't seen you at home for some days." Euralia said with such a farfetched smile.

"Euralia, you've lost weight recently. Don't you have to go to work today?" Sitting in the living room, Michelle, who was sorting out documents, pretended not to know what happened.

"I was locked up at home by him. I know you love him very much. Let's talk things out." Euralia suddenly became serious.

Michelle thought she knew something and her face got tense.

"What is it? Why are you so serious, Euralia?" Then she looked around. Fortunately, Bill hadn't come back from outside.

He asked her to send these documents home in advance.

"Can you take me out of here?" Euralia believed that Michelle must have the ability.

She is very familiar with Bill and the family.

Michelle was stunned. She didn't expect that Euralia would trust her so much.

"Euralia, your brother is so kind to you. Why do you always want to run away from home?" She still pretended to be kind.

"You are not me. You don't know how painful I am now. If you still love Bill, please take me away."

Euralia didn't dare to admit the fact that she had made love with Bill in front of her.

"But if your brother knows, I'm afraid..."

"Don't worry. As long as you take me out, I won't say it's you who take me out." Euralia promised.

"If you get out of the house, then where are you going? Have you made up your mind?"

Michelle had been wavering. She could help, but she just took advantage of this opportunity to make Bill give up on Euralia.

"Yes, I have. So can you promise me? I have thought of a way to leave!"

Euralia whispered in her ear.

"Well, in fact, I don't understand what Mr. Bill is doing. But John misses you very much. If you leave successfully, would you like to see him?"

Michelle had a plan in her mind. John had always been the soft spot of Euralia.

"Yes, but I don't want to talk about love anymore. I'll say goodbye to him before I leave."

During the period when Euralia was imprisoned, she had figured out that she should focus on he

ake such indecent photos with other men! Bill was livid with anger.

Finally, he arrived at the address.

This place was a park with flowers blooming in this season. The environment here was very quiet and few people passed by.

He walked in and then almost ran around in the park to look for them. His white shirt patted down the flowers hanging on the branches.

Euralia was sitting near the pond, and she was with John at the moment.

"Euralia, it's all my fault. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have made such a mess with your brother." John held her in his arms and comforted her.

"It's not your fault. It's all because he went too far. He broke us up."

Euralia said and took his hand away from her shoulder. She didn't know why when John left the house in a hurry that day, she faintly felt that he had changed.

But John promised to help Michelle and perform well. At this time, he must be closer to Euralia.

As soon as she took his hand off, he raised his hand again to hold her waist.

"You are out now. Why don't you come with me. Let's go to a place where no one knows us and start a new life."

John was full of sweet words, and he didn't forget to pay attention to the movement around him.

If he guessed right, Bill should have arrived at this time.

"Sorry, I can't promise you now." Euralia refused him decisively.

"Why? Didn't you say you would love me for the rest of your life?" John said affectionately, holding her immediately.

"I can't give you happiness now." When Euralia thought of her relationship with Bill, she felt sorry for him.

And if they eloped, it would only get John into trouble if they were found by Bill. More importantly, of course, her feelings for John had changed.

"Why do you say that? Or am I not good enough to you? Don't do this, OK? I will be very sad." John held up her chin and let her look at him.

Euralia's eyes were filled with tears. She had indeed promised him, but she didn't expect that time would really change a lot.

Bill, who was standing behind them, saw this and thought they were going to kiss. He stepped forward and pushed John into the pool. Then a slap fell on Euralia's face.

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