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   Chapter 112 Rescue (Part One)

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 5555

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Terri was worried that Euralia wanted to go with them to see what was going on.

Hearing that it was Mr. Qin, Euralia's first instinct was that it was Sean. They didn't contact each other these days. Maybe he knew her situation so he came home to visit her.

It was a good chance for Euralia to make use of this opportunity to let Sean find a way to take her away from the Ou Mansion.

"I'm going to see him." Euralia tidied up her clothes and walked out with her messy hair.

"My lady, your hair..."

Terri reminded her.

"I know. I'll go back to my room and clean it up. Tell him to wait for me." Ignoring Bill completely, Euralia walked past him.

The door was suddenly closed as soon as Euralia entered the room.

"I told you not to meet him again. Have you forgotten it?" Bill had already locked her door from outside.

"Let me out! You bastard! " She didn't expect that he would shut her in the room in this way.

Bill wanted to see what Sean came here for!

When he saw Bill go downstairs, Sean greeted him politely. He came here today just for the sake of Euralia.

Last time when he met him, they had a fight. In order to express his apology, Sean came to apologize in person today. It was because of his willfulness that caused this matter.

There was another important reason why he admitted his mistake on his own initiative. He still didn't want to give up on Euralia. He must leave a good impression on Bill when he thinks of that he still wants to pursue Euralia in the future.

"I apologize for what I did to you and Euralia." To express his apology, Sean stood up and bowed.

He knew Bill and Euralia had been in a bad

ked up a stone from the ground and threw it into the room.

Euralia was trying to contact with Sean in her room. Hearing the noise on the balcony, she immediately went out.

When she saw Sean, she was very excited and acted as if she wanted him to wait. Then she returned to the room quickly, wrote down the words she was going to tell him, and left the note downstairs.

When Sean received the note, he left the Ou Mansion immediately. In the note, Euralia asked him for help, hoping that he could take her out of the Ou Mansion within the next few days.

When he knew her situation, he immediately went back home to find a solution. It's absolutely impossible for him to come to the Ou Mansion right now and pick up Euralia.

Therefore, Sean decided to leave at night. He didn't believe that he couldn't save Euralia by himself.

As long as having dinner, Euralia went back to her bedroom and stood on the balcony to look around, waiting for Sean.

Euralia had been waiting for several days. Finally, on a dark night, she heard the sound of someone throwing something into the balcony again.

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