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   Chapter 111 It's Worse Than Death

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 9840

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Euralia didn't expect that John would leave in such a hurry without saying a word to her. She felt a little sad.

"Don't you love him? Let's see how he treat you! " Seeing what was on her mind, Bill satirized Euralia at once.

"Bill, you have power and influence. Who is not afraid of you? Even I have been with you for twelve years, I feel fear when I see you lose your temper. "

Euralia didn't forget to refute for John even if she was sad.

"You are still impenitent. Is a man who really loves you like him? There must be something wrong with your brain, Euralia. "

He was very angry. He knew John wasn't the man who had the courage to take the blame. How she could defend him and how much she cared about him.

"I was out of my mind. I have always taken you as the person I respect most. I thought you loved me and cared about my family, but now I find it's not. "

She was extremely disappointed with him. If he hadn't taken advantage of the people around her to threaten her, she would have tried her best to leave.

"Whatever you think, time will tell."

These verbal arguments only hurt each other. Without further quibbling, Bill got up and went back to his study. He would let Euralia know who cared about her the most and who loved her the most.

But she tried her best to protect John today, he would make her pay the price.

At night, when Euralia was about to fall asleep, there was a knock on the door.

"Who?" Asked Euralia, her ears pricked up.

Now she was on alert living at home, because she was not sure when Bill's lust came up. Every minute and every second there was a kind of torture for her.

"Have you forgotten your promise to me?" Bill came to ask her to obey their arrangement.

Since she was afraid of something expected, she had to open the door.

"It's late. I'm going to bed." She lowered her head and opened the door wide. She was afraid that he would lock the door again, just like that night!

"You don't look good. Drink this first." Bill knew that he had frequently occupied her these days.

Her health was not very good, so he told the nutritionists to make her drink some tonics.

Tonight, he even personally sent the medicine to her room, but he could see that she was not happy with his arrival.

She glanced sideways at the tonics in her bowl.

"What's this?"

"Anyway, they are not poison." Her suspicion of him made him quite unhappy.

"Something is more terrible than poison." She was worried that her body would be out of control if he took other pills for her.

"Am I so bad in your heart? Look up at me right now. "

He didn't do anything. Instead, he wanted her to be obedient.

She still didn't raise her head and looked away.

"Remember what you have promised me. If you break your promise, somebody will take the consequences for you." He threatened.

It was not until then that Euralia raised her little snow-white face slowly and gazed at

d when other men are in possession of you, they are not!"

Bill was thoroughly enraged.

Both Euralia and Bill could only feel pain. Their hearts were bleeding as if they were trying their best to hurt each other.

She felt the pain of life and death again and again, and her heart was stronger to escape from here.

When Euralia woke up, he was not beside her. She heard the sound of bathing from the bathroom.

She couldn't help but cover her mouth with a hand and ran to the bathroom. She kept retching. He was taking a shower in the bathroom, so she kept her voice down.

When she was about to turn around and leave, the door of the bathroom opened.

Bill walked out naked! She hurriedly closed her eyes, not daring to look straight into his eyes.

"Stop pretending!" Bill said coldly. He was still in a rage.

There was a hatred in Euralia's heart. He took away her purity, but he still denigrated herself! When she was about to turn around, Bill stopped her.

"What do you want?" Her face flushed with shyness.

"You wake up so soon. Is it because I haven't worked hard enough?" Bill looked at her ambiguously.

"Get off me!" She pushed him away and ran outside.

However, there came Terri's voice from outside the door of Bill's room.

"Mr. Bill, someone's looking for you downstairs."

Hearing her voice, Euralia didn't dare to say anything. She looked at the messy floor and thought, 'if I'm seen by her, I'm sure that she must know that Bill have sex with me.'.

When she was looking for a place to hide, Bill had already opened the door.

Sitting on the bed, Euralia was adjusting her clothes with her hair in a mess.

Terri passed by Bill and saw Euralia in the room. She was surprised. She lowered her head in embarrassment.

"Mr. Qin said that he had something to tell you And Miss. "

Terri replied after a short pause. Bill had told her that Euralia was not allowed to meet anyone who wanted to meet Euralia.

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