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   Chapter 108 Torture (Part One)

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Bill recalled everything that had happened last night and thought that it was Euralia's first time. But why was there no trace on the bed sheet? He was surprised.

So he summoned all the servants here in order to ask personally.

"Have any of you got into my room today?" Though Bill was not at ease to let Terri handle this, he had to take it seriously, as it would have a great impact on Euralia's chastity.

All servants shook their heads and looked very nervous.

"Mr. Bill, I can testify that. I asked them to clean up the garden in the backyard. No one came back to the villa. "

Terri stood out and put in a good word for them. She felt pity for them when she saw their miserable faces.

Hearing Terri's words, Bill finally put down his doubts. He would suspect anyone except Terri.

He believed Terri very much. Because Terri worked hard for the Ou family in the last half of her life, and she never made trouble.

"Don't let me find anyone doing something. They must be severely punished!" Bill threatened.

"What happened ?" Terri sensed that something was wrong, but Bill didn't speak it out.

"I can only say this to the person who can understand me." Bill left with a dark face.

The servants in the living room all felt relieved. One of them rushed to the backyard to make a phone call.

"Don't panic. I will give you money to make you leave the Ou Mansion. You don't need to be a maid anymore." After saying that, Michelle hung up the phone.

She had her spies at the house all the time. It was her who bribed the maid in the Ou Mansion to change Bill's bed sheet.

She didn't expect her help to speed up their relationship ra

he held Euralia's hand as soon as he got out of the car.

Bill asked as he held her waist into the hall to block the cameras.

Euralia acted too panicked to give any response when she saw the reporters. After all, she was used to his hug.

"What do you want from bringing me here?" When she entered the party, she sensed a strange look in the surroundings.

She immediately suspected that Bill had other intentions. So she asked him.

"Since I have you, I will join you." Bill wanted to announce to everyone that she was his woman.

"Don't forget that we are siblings." Euralia got nervous as she didn't dare to face the fact that they had already had sex.

"Brother and sister? Are you deceiving yourself as well as others, Euralia? "

Then, Bill took her hand and walked towards the crowd. He wanted all the guests to know about her.

Halfway through his walk, Euralia immediately sat down, not willing to leave the chair under his pulling.

"Dance with me, or I will make you the focus of all the people."

That was her little trick. It was a piece of cake for Bill to deal with her.

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