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   Chapter 107 The Price Of Cheating Me

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Bill took her back to his room and threw her on the bed.

Euralia cried in a soft voice. He had never insulted her like that even when he was angry.

She felt wronged and didn't know how to explain it except crying.

"Cry! You only knew to cry! Do you think I will sympathize with you, Euralia? " In fact, Bill felt a little sorry for her as he couldn't bear to see her cry.

He said that on purpose in order not to waver his determination.

"I don't need your sympathy. I never need it." Although Euralia was crying, she still kept stubborn.

"I'll let you know what you have to pay for fooling me." Roared Bill.

"What are you doing? If you don't mind my casual behavior, why do you still treat me like this? " Euralia yelled back too.

As she yelled, she ran to the bed and surrounded herself with quilt for security.

"Good, good girl. You finally knew you went to bed." Bill was quite satisfied with her reaction. He stared at her and walked towards her slowly.

"No, don't come over. I'm your family, your sister. Don't come here, Bill! " Euralia was so scared that her lips were trembling.

"No, you are not my sister anymore. You are my woman. No one can take you away from me. "

Bill reached out and pulled the quilt away from her. Euralia refused to let him go and clutched at the other end of the bed.

"If you dare to take me, I will never forgive you for the rest of my life." She frowned tightly and cried desperately.

"Then don't forgive me!" He pulled the quilt more forcefully, threw it into the air and the quilt slowly fell to the ground.

Then some new clothes were put on the bed. They were Bill's clothes. This time, he wouldn't let go of Euralia.

At midnight, Euralia woke up from a coma. But she found that he was holding her tightly and she couldn't move.

Tears ran down the corners of her eyes at the moment she slightly closed her eyes. She lowered her head and saw a touch of blood on the sheet.

All the mocking words came to her mind.

"Bill, let go of me. Isn't it enough for you to torture me from the day till now?" She tried to get rid of his hand.

However, her next act didn't help solve the problem. On the contrary, she made Bill sober again, who had been wanting to have sex with her till late at night. He didn't allow her to continue.

Then he grasped her lips with his fiery lips and rolled over again.

Weak as she was, she could only allow him to do whatever he wanted. After a whole night's torment, both of them were exhausted.

In the morning, when Bill woke up, he didn't see Euralia. He got up, put on a bath towel and went to her room door. He went back to his room after he saw the door was locked.

The first thing he did after returning to his room was to take a bath and get rid of tired. He had never had such feeling from Euralia last night, which made him recollect it.

When he came out of the bathroom and looked at the bed, Bill w

at's wrong with you? Do you need me to call a doctor for you? " Euralia was very alive and kicking in the daily life, but now she looked very sick and sick.

"No need for that. It would be better if I died." Euralia replied coldly.

"What are you talking about? Bill has raised you for so many years. I know you are not a little girl anymore since he treats you so well. You should watch your mouth when you speak. "

Terri couldn't understand Euralia at all. On the one hand, Terri thought she was being childish.

"I would rather die than be adopted by him." There was a hint of resentment in her eyes.

"It seems that you and Mr. Bill have another fight." Terri already got used to it and didn't take it seriously. She had no idea how serious the matter was.

"You can leave now. I want to have a rest." Said Euralia helplessly.

She knew that no one could understand the pain in her heart, no matter who it was.

And she didn't dare to tell anyone what she had suffered. What would others think about her, if Euralia told others that she had sex with Bill.

At that moment, Euralia had no choice but to take good care of herself and leave this place after two days.

She was determined this time to escape. They couldn't be brother and sister anymore because they had sex.

Leaning against the sofa in her room quietly, Euralia was thinking about the future which she had never been so desperate.

After Bill dealt with the rumor about Euralia and Sean, he asked Terri to summon all the maids in the house to the living room.

He had to make sure of something important.

"Mr. Bill, what can I do for you?" Terri had stayed in the Ou Mansion for more than ten years, but she had never seen Bill make use of anyone.

With a darkened face, Bill stood up from the sofa and walked up and down to the servant.

The sounds of pacing back and forth made all the servants present feel nervous, and even the breath became carefully.

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