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   Chapter 106 Punish Me If You Have Something (Part Two)

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"What have you promised me? Euralia! " Bill shook off Sean and walked to Euralia.

He had trusted Euralia before and believed that she would never run away from home again. But she cheated him in the end.

This time, he also thought that her love with Sean and she had deceived him of his trust in her.

In this world, everything could make up except trust. He had lost all faith in her words.

"Listen to me, it's not what you think." After the matter was spread on the Internet, Euralia looked for him to explain.

"At this point, do you think I will believe you? Do you want to tell me that the video online is fake? Why did you lie to me again and again? "

Bill yelled at her angrily!

Seeing the desperation in his eyes, Euralia's heart ached inexplicably. At the same time, she felt very aggrieved, because it was not what he thought.

Standing aside, Sean couldn't bear to see that and interrupted.

"Bill, you don't even trust your own sister."

Upon hearing this, Bill got even angrier. He turned around, picked up a wine bottle and raised it.

"It's not your business. Who do you think you are? Will I give her to you? " As he spoke, he swung his fist at Sean's head like a lunatic.

Seeing that, Euralia rushed to him and held Bill to the ground. The bottle in Bill's hand fell to the ground, and the debris hit their arms.

Sean painfully walked towards Euralia and held her up.

"Euralia, are you okay?"

Euralia shook her head and looked down at Bill on the ground who was slowly standing up.

Bill didn't expect that Euralia would hurt him for saving Sean. His hand was already punctured by the fragments and it was bleeding. But he d

of Bill was that she was pregnant.

He immediately went forward and grabbed her collar.

"What the hell is going on?"

Looking at his dark eyes, Euralia was in a cold sweat.

It was the first time that she had seen such an angry Bill. At the moment, he was like a demon that could devour her all the time!

She had no idea what he meant?

"Let me go. I feel bad." As she was struggling, her collar was still plucked so hard that she couldn't stop coughing.

"Why did you vomit? Tell me the truth! "

It was not until now that Euralia realized that he doubted her having sex with others and that she had a baby. It turned out that he didn't know her at all! She was extremely disappointed in him!

"You can suspect me for everything, but please don't doubt my personality." Euralia grabbed his wrist and tried to resist him.

"Do you have dignity too? You are such a loose woman. You go around and provoke men to take you away from home. What kind of personality do you talk to me?

Bill insulted her and poured out his discontent.

He left the room with anger and took Euralia on his shoulder.

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