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   Chapter 105 Punish Me If You Have Something (Part One)

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"Mr. Bill, here is..." Michelle just received an urgent case which needed his signature. He interrupted her before she could finish.

"Get out!" Furiously, he threw the documents on the table to the ground.

Michelle was so frightened that her legs were trembling. She quickly turned around and left.

Bill always believed that the relationship between Euralia and Sean was purely friendship. But after the news was exposed, people all over the world knew that they were in love.

How could he not be angry? He would not allow anyone to take away Euralia from him, no matter who it was.

He immediately dialed the phone number of Sean, but nobody answered.

Now the topic about Sean and Euralia had become the focus of the media.

After showing love in the morning, Sean was also blocked by the media. Now he hid at home and did not answer any phone call.

After being rejected by Euralia face to face, he was depressed and had no mood to deal with these bored gossip reporters.

People all over the world thought he fell in love with her, but in fact, only he knew that Euralia didn't like him at all.

At home, Euralia opened the Internet and saw the video that had been posted this morning. After reading the title and description of the video, she was also shocked by the content.

The headline revealed that she was in a passionate love with Sean and that they were going to get married soon! Equally angry, Euralia turned off her computer immediately.

"You're such an unscrupulous journalist. The truth is distorted to attract eyes." She said angrily.

Now her curse was no longer useful. The news about her and Sean had been spread online. T

hought about it, the more strange he felt.

And Euralia might have been raped by him!

Thinking of that, Bill punched the other side of Sean's face to vent his anger.

"I didn't, Bill. You beat me indiscriminately. I did not punish you because of Euralia, but you have gone too far. "

Sean was turned down by Euralia. He was in a bad mood and got punched by Bill for no reason. No matter how good tempered he was, he could not tolerate it.

"How dare you deny it!" Bill was so jealous that he kept punching him.

As Sean stopped himself from beating, he also fought back. They were in a fight for misunderstanding in the private room.

Just then, the door of the private room opened.

"Stop! All of you!" After receiving the message from Sean, Euralia hurried to the private room. He had intended to call Euralia to come and discuss with Bill about how to put the news down.

Sean didn't want to get Euralia involved in the scandal, but Bill, who was in a fit of rage, didn't even give him a chance to explain.

The two men who were tugging at each other on the sofa finally stopped fighting.

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