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   Chapter 100 A Date

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10648

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Bill's warning had been heard a million times, but Euralia didn't take it seriously.

When she thought of the thing that Bill and Michelle were on the yacht, it was nothing compared to the fact that she was now in touch with Sean. At least she knew she should keep her chastity, which was better than him!

"Then I'd like to see how you'll punish me this time." After throwing out the words, she went straight upstairs.

Bill was so angry that his face turned red. Now, Euralia was getting more and more disobedient. She would only embarrass him in front of others, and she would even fight against him in private.

The first thing Euralia did after getting back to her room was to send a message to Sean and apologize to him. In fact, in her heart, Sean was like a brother.

She thought that he was a reliable friend. He was the most trustworthy opposite sex besides Cale.

They talked for a long time, talking about something happened in their school years. Sean had a crush on her and invited her out.

She was so bored that she spent almost all her time at home without class, so she agreed. She had ignored the warning given by Bill.

The new day just arrived. Euralia didn't have any class at that time. Coincidentally, Bill didn't go to work that day.

Sean invited her to go shopping. After she finished dressing up, she could only sneak out when Bill was not in the living room.

Everything went well today, and she finally walked out of the living room smoothly. However, she ran into Michelle in front of the yard of the Ou Mansion. She wouldn't have recognized her if Michelle hadn't greeted her first.

"Michelle, what happened to you?" Euralia asked straightforwardly, as she had forgotten that they had gone on vacation with Michelle and that Michelle got a suntan.

Michelle took off her sunglasses awkwardly.

"It's very happy to play with your brother on the beach while I had a suntan."

Although she felt wronged, she still had to try to keep a happy smile in front of Euralia. She mistakenly thought that Euralia returned ahead of time and didn't know what happened after that.

"Really? But why do I remember that you came back ahead of time. You didn't go swimming when we were together, did you? " Euralia directly exposed her lie.

"All right. Let bygones be bygones. Although my skin is getting darker, someone didn't dislike me. " Said Michelle, putting on the sunglasses again.

The sunglasses covered her hateful eyes. She was very angry about Euralia's question.

"Yeah, he is at home. I was wondering why he didn't go to work today. He is waiting for you! " There was a trace of jealousy in her tone.

"You got it. We have an appointment today. Since you look gorgeous, is it possible that you are going on a date? " Michelle asked.

When she came in just now, she saw a luxury car outside the house. She already had a rough idea of it.

"Yes, a date." Euralia replied, not to be outdone.

Knowing that Michelle was going to be with Bill again today, she inexplicably felt sad. When she went out with excitement just now, her mood was suddenly ruined.

"Have a good time." Michelle said proudly.

Euralia nodded and

It's a tiring day. I'm going to bed. " She didn't dare to look straight into his eyes which seemed to be able to read other people's mind.

"You look gorgeous even in school!" Bill had seen her get off from the car of Sean. He hoped that she would admit to him.

"The beautiful dress is also the one you bought for me." Today, she was unusually sweet in mouth.

Then she rushed into her room. As soon as she entered the room, she immediately locked the door and gave a deep sigh of relief.

"Why am I so nervous in front of him? As if she were a thief. It's normal for me to see Sean, isn't it? "

She walked to the mirror in the bathroom and patted her scarlet face with cold water.

"Don't be so guilty. You didn't do anything wrong." She kept telling herself.

A sudden noise came from outside the door. She was startled again. She seldom lied to Bill, which made her very guilty.

"Who?" Asked Euralia vigilantly.

"I... something left in someone else's car." Bill was already standing at the door.

"What is it?" She opened the door and asked.

"What do you think?" Bill's tone had obviously changed.

"I didn't drop anything. I'm tired from a whole day's class. I want to have a rest." Seeing there was nothing on his hand, Euralia realized that it might be a lie.

"Did you go out with Sean today?" Actually, Bill was testing her. He didn't completely believe what Michelle said.

"When did you see that I went out with him?" Said Euralia angrily. She was averse to his questioning.

He went directly into her room, picked up her mobile phone and dialed the phone number of Sean, who answered the phone and said.

"Euralia, I'm home now. You don't need to..."

Bill hung up the phone directly. Euralia was speechless.

"Yes, I went out with him. so what? I'm twenty years old. Can't I have my own romantic life? " After a moment's silence, she lost her temper.

"Why do you turn a deaf ear to my words?" Bill suddenly tightened his grip on the phone.

But now, she lied to him! She might run away with another man again one day! He couldn't allow her to do that again and again!

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