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   Chapter 98 A Blind Date

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On the way to their destination, Bill kept a straight face and didn't say anything to Euralia.

Since they came back from the vacation, they had been in a cold war. Both of them were busy with their own things, without saying a word.

The car slowly stopped in front of a five-star hotel.

hotel! She glanced at him. They met in the hotel. What happened? She glanced at him confusedly.

"There's a restaurant downstairs. Let's go inside. That person is here." Bill could tell her confusion.

"Is that person a man or a woman?" She asked as she walked in.

"You'll know when you get inside." He walked in front of her, while she followed closely behind him.

He took her to a seat for honored guests, and she saw the man sitting on the seat turning his head.

Before the man said anything, Euralia, who was behind Bill, ran in front of him.

"why are you here?" With a surprised look, she went up and sat beside him.

"It turns out that Mr. Bill is your brother."

That man that Bill was going to introduce to Euralia was exactly Sean Qin, her senior.

Standing aside, Bill looked more sullen. He was disgusted with the word "brother". And of course, her attitude towards Sean Qin made him very angry.

But he had to pretend to be magnanimous in front of others.

"She is my adopted sister. I didn't expect you to know her." Bill sat beside Euralia.

"I see. But I think she is pretty much like your own sister. I didn't expect Mr. Bill to be so talented and kind-hearted. I'm ashamed of myself."

Sean Qin said modestly.

"Sean, why do you know him?" She couldn't think of anything that could connect the two of them.

"I'm Mr. Bill's business partner."

After hearing that, Euralia's face darkened. She had heard that Bill would bring her to a business marriage. Is this the one that he wants her to marry?

"So that's how it is." Euralia cast a sharp glance at Bill. She had already figured out his purpose of bringing her out today.

She knew he never took her out for any social engagement. It seemed that what Michelle had said was true. The reason why he brought her up all these years may be for his career.

"Mr. Sean, since you all know each other, there's no need to introduce anymore. It seems that you know Euralia better than I do." His voice was full of jealousy.

Just now, he was not happy to see that Euralia was so excited and even ignored him. But he didn't show his emotion on his face in front of Sean Qin.

"I was quite familiar with Euralia before. I didn't expect that the blind date you mentioned last night was with her." Sean Qin was overjoyed. When they were in college, he had a secret crush on her for a long time.

After graduation, he hadn't had the chance to express his love for her. He had been very busy this year and had no time to go back to the school to look for her. This meeting made him feel that it was fate.

He had made up his mind to take advantage of this opportunity.

"Blind date?" Euralia looked at Bill in surprise again.

"Yes, he is the one that will date with you today." Bill admitted straightforwardly.

If he had told Euralia a

wall, pointed at him and warned.

"Euralia, I won't hurt you. I just took you here to have a rest." Embarrassed, Sean Qin ran over to hold her, but she kept patting on his shoulder.

He was at a loss and didn't know what to do. He had never thought that her self-defense ability was still good after she got drunk. Although he really wanted her, he wouldn't do it. He brought her up just for a rest.

He helped her get into the room. After getting drunk, she grabbed the stuff in the hotel and kept throwing them to the floor. If he hadn't seen that today, he wouldn't have thought that she could act like that.

But he liked the real her more. He felt sorry for her insecurity. She tried so hard to protect herself only when she was drunk.

She took another vase in the room and was about to throw it at him.

"Euralia, this is Sean Qin. Calm down. Put down the vase, okay?"

He persuaded.

"Stay away from me, or I will teach you a lesson." Even when she was drunk, she still remembered that she had met several perverts before. Her heart had already been shadowed, and she subconsciously rejected those strange men who wanted to approach her after she got drunk.

"Okay, I'll stay away from you." He stepped back helplessly.

However, she stepped forward and threw the vase at his head directly. Even though he dodged it, his arms was scratched by the shards of the ceramics.

At the same time, after breaking the vase, she saw the blood and fainted on the sofa.

Without caring about the wounds on his arms first, she rushed over to hold her up in a hurry.

"Euralia, wake up." He tried to shake her, but she did not wake up.

He took a good look at her and found that she just fell asleep after getting drunk. Feeling Relieved, he carefully put her on the sofa.

"Have a good sleep. I'll be here with you." He looked at her little face with obsession. His hand still could not help touching her face gently.

"Do you know that? You have been my goddess since I was a student. Do you know how much I love you?" While she was asleep, he expressed his love.

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