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   Chapter 97 The Cold War (Part Two)

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Terri shook her head helplessly. These days, she had already noticed that they were at odds again, but she had already been accustomed to it.

After learning from her that it was not Euralia who took him to the hospital that day, Bill inexplicably got angry. It could also prove that she didn't care about him anymore.

He happened to receive a call from his business partners who asked him out for a drink.

Bill, who had never been engaged in any social activities in the past, promised abnormally and immediately got up to go out.

It was almost midnight. On the balcony, seeing him go out, Euralia went back to her room angrily and closed the window to sleep.

It was so late. He must have gone to the bar. She had been to the bar once, and the women there were not that good.

She was very angry as long as she thought of the women around him. She didn't fall asleep this night. She even opened the window on purpose and listened carefully whether there was any sound of cars coming to the house.

It was not until 3 o'clock in the morning that she seemed to hear a sound of car driving in. She rushed to the balcony to have a look. But he couldn't find him!

To confirm if she heard it wrong, she couldn't help opening the door and walking out. She came to the door of Bill's room and listened in.

At this moment, a shadow behind her covered her petite body.

"It's late. Why don't you go to bed?" Bill suddenly stood behind her, saw her wandering outside his room and asked.

Euralia smelled wine on his body. At the same time, she felt embarrassed. If she guessed right, he should know that she was here t

man he went to see last night was the one he was going to take her to meet today. But he couldn't remember clearly what he had said to him in the bar last night.

He only remembered that he had promised him to take her to meet him today.

After making up, Euralia came to the living room and waited for him.

Bill went downstairs after a long time. He was actually not quite sure. The person he was going to meet with today wasn't ordinary people. Last night, when he was drunk, he promised something he shouldn't do.

But if he broke his promise now, it was not his style to do things.

"I've been waiting for an hour. Who on earth is the one that makes you so interested?" Recently, when she talked to him, she sounded skittish and disdainful.

"You will know when you get there." He said in a heavy tone.

Curiously, she followed him into the car. She had no idea whom she was going to meet. But judging from his expression, maybe that person was not the kind that could make her happy.

Of course, this was just her intuition. She was looking forward to the meeting.

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