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   Chapter 95 We Can't Be Together (Part Two)

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Michelle was worried and followed. She sat on the beach and watched this perfect man swim back and forth in front of her with bare arms.

She had a crush on him for several years and could not help but think a lot. If she could swim with him now, it must be a wonderful thing.

Thinking of this, she immediately went back and changed into a red bikini. She walked back and forth on the beach. But her curvaceous figure did not attract his attention.

The sun was the most blazing at this time, and her white skin had been slightly tanned after she just come back and forth for less than five minutes.

'You don't even look at me. I don't believe you are different from other men!' She Thought.

In order to have more contact with him, she jumped into the sea and began swimming.

Michelle slowly swam in the direction of Bill, and all of a sudden, he disappeared in front of her.

"Mr. Bill, where are you?" She looked into the water anxiously.

Just now, after drinking, Bill went into the sea to swim. She was worried about him.

"Michelle!" Bill was on the shore, looking at her swimming in the sea freely. His stiff face seemed to show that he was very unhappy!

"I saw you in front of me just now." Once she looked at the bank, she immediately got out of the water.

"Why are you in the water?" Bill asked seriously.

"I saw you swim and wanted to go with you." Michelle replied shyly. She shifted her gaze to her arm. She didn't put on the sunscreen earlier and it was already sunburnt.

"Can't you swim?"

Bill remembered that she fell into the sea by accident on their way to Lover

was not in the mood to pay attention to it. She quickly went upstairs and took a shower. She felt too ashamed to see Bill in this condition!

Sitting alone in the living room, Euralia took out her mobile phone to book a flight ticket. She decided to go back first, not to go together with Bill.

After she booked the flight ticket that afternoon, she carried a small bag and flew back without telling them.

After hearing what Euralia had said, Bill didn't interfere in her business anymore. In fact, he knew she had left. He happened to see her on the roof of the villa when she left, but he didn't stop her.

And on the day after he punished Michelle to swim for three hours, she also found an excuse to go back home first. Because she didn't want him to see her most ugly appearance. She needed to go back for maintenance.

Sitting on the balcony alone in the villa, Bill felt the sea breeze caressing his face and his body gradually becoming cold. He had caught a cold after drinking and swimming in the sea, but there was no one here to take care of him now.

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