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   Chapter 94 We Can't Be Together (Part One)

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 5520

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After hearing her explanation, Bill was still a little suspicious. But now he didn't have the time to think too much. What he needed to do was to take care of Euralia.

He held her up and walked towards the yacht. At the same time, all activities in the Lover Island were cancelled and he rushed back overnight.

He stayed with her the whole night. Although she said those words when she was drunk, he felt very uneasy. They finally went back to the way they used to get along with each other, but this trip might cause her some misunderstanding.

He only hoped that she was just talking nonsense after getting drunk and would forget what she had said when she woke up.

The morning scenery at the seaside was beautiful. The morning lights were sparkling, which made the place full of warmness. But in the villa, Bill looked gaunt.

He accompanied her all night long. He didn't even dare to take a nap.

When Euralia woke up, she opened her eyes and felt a sharp pain in her head. She overdid the drinking last night.

"Euralia, How do you feel now?" He remained nervous.

The moment she realized it was him, her face changed.

"Why are you here?" She stood up and looked around, only to find that they had returned to the villa.

"You were drunk last night, so I..."

She interrupted him before he could finish his words.

"So I want you to leave here. I want to be alone." She said crossly.

"What's wrong with you? You were fine yesterday morning, weren't you?" He didn't go out because of her words. He must get it clear.

"This trip is totally for you two, isn't it? Why do you drag me in?" She felt sad that she seemed to

But I'm telling you, Bill, don't ever expect me to love you."

She responded word by word, with her eyes full of frustration and disappointment.

"Why? Why don't you feel my heart at all?" He shouted hysterically.

"It sounds like that you are not waiting for this moment to have me." Euralia sneered.

"Euralia, one day I will make you give it to me willingly."

He was so furious that he slammed the door and left. He didn't want to hurt her.

Euralia burst into tears after he left!

At the corner outside the room, Michelle saw him coming out and felt relieved. She guessed that there should be nothing happening between them. But he was so angry, so their relationship must have been stiff.

Bill came to the living room of the villa and drank alone. Michelle also came to the living room to accompany him.

"Mr. Bill, isn't it boring to drink alone? Where is Euralia? Why doesn't she come downstairs with you?" No sooner had Michelle sat on the sofa than Bill stood up and walked outside.

He came to the seaside alone, took off his clothes and jumped into the sea to swim.

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