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   Chapter 93 Confession

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Euralia walked aimlessly on the Lover Island, which was quite big. She was still wandering around until the evening. But she didn't want to go back to the yacht and see the sweet scene of them.

So she came to the beach of the island alone and watched the sunset.

The one who watched the sunrise with her did not show up to watch the sunset with her. She looked at the setting sun in the sky with sadness. She decided to try her best to put down her feelings for Bill.

"Let everything go with the wind and I won't have cranky thoughts anymore. I can live a happy life without him." She shouted at the boundless sea.

But there was no reply in the sky, and all she had was herself.

Bill was busy decorating the scene. After that, he suddenly remembered to pick up Euralia on the yacht. When he got back to the yacht, he found the door of her room was open.

"Where is Euralia? Where did she go?" He had arranged for someone to stay on the yacht to watch her, but now nobody knew where she had gone.

He became anxious. Thinking of what had happened to her lately, he was more worried.

"Bill, maybe Euralia just wandered around on the island because she was bored. Although this island is not small, it should be easy to find someone."

Michelle had always behaved perfectly in front of him, and so did she now.

"Go separate ways to look for her. Be sure to find her before midnight." He immediately ordered his men to look for her.

He took out his cell phone and called her, but nobody answered.

He was so anxious that he searched the Lover Island in person, and Michelle followed him.

She knew that what she said today must have irritated Euralia, so she left the yacht without saying anything. She followed him not to find anyone, but to make him unable to find anyone.

However, Bill walked very fast. After an hour's search, he was still full of energy, without any fatigue.

Michelle, who was following him, almost trotted all the way. She was so tired that she sat on the bench by the side of the road and sighed helplessly as she looked at the back of him.

"Where did you get all the strength? Even if you couldn't find her in more than an hour, you still tried your best to look for her."

However, when she sat down to have a rest, he had already disappeared at the corner of the road.

The night scene on Lover Island was particularly charming, but at the moment, Bill was no longer in the mood to enjoy it. He only wanted to find Euralia as soon as possible.

She was the best view for him!

"Euralia, where are you? Come out, now!" Ignoring other people's attention, he shouted while walking.

Euralia had been on the beach the whole time. When she heard his voice, she rushed to the shadow of the coconut trees and hid herself.

The last one she wanted to see now was him. She just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

He came to the beach very soon and kept calling her name. But she didn't come out. She walked in the opposite direction of him.

'Don't lie to me anymore, Bill. The reason you treat me like this may be just because you

"I won't believe you for the rest of my life. Stop pretending." The smell of alcohol was getting stronger.

"Believe it or not, I won't let you leave me." He held her in his arms despite her resistance.

It was midnight now. He gently kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear.

"I love you, Euralia."

The drunk one had already fainted in his arms and did not hear what he said.

Seeing her drunk and unconscious, his anger immediately subsided. He sat on the chair with her in his arms and gently stroked her hair.

"Here are your favorite fireworks and flowers. I prepared all of them for you, but you didn't enjoy them."

She misunderstood him again. He was no less sad than her.

But he couldn't get angry with her.

"Bill, Euralia is drunk. She said something that she shouldn't say. Don't take it to heart." Michelle, who had eavesdropped their conversation, quickly came up and said.

Bill cast a sidelong glance at her. He remembered that in the words of Euralia, he liked Michelle. He wondered why Euralia misunderstood his kindness.

"What did you say to Euralia?" He was not a fool. He had his own judgment.

They had been on good terms during the day. But things had changed since they got off the yacht. Only Michelle and he were on the yacht.

Therefore, only she could affect Euralia's mood, which made him suspect her.

Michelle knew that it was impossible to conceal something from him, so she wanted to have a good reason. But she had to keep the drug thing a secret. If he knew it, she might never see him again in her life.

"Euralia asked me about the progress of our relationship." Michelle replied haltingly and avoided eye contact with him uneasily.

"Your answer!" Bill asked impatiently.

"I just said it causally. We are just like a couple. Maybe she misunderstood me because she cared too much about it. I didn't expect that she would take it so seriously. Or maybe it's because you jumped into the sea regardless of everything to save me, which made her misunderstand."

Michelle kept defending herself.

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