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   Chapter 87 We Are Not Brother And Sister (Part One)

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Bill called her, but nobody answered.

It was not until dinner time that Terri sent dinner to him and told him that Euralia had fallen asleep at home because she was too tired. She didn't want to wake her up.

He was relieved. As long as she was fine, he could rest assured. They hadn't seen each other for only half a day and he missed her so much.

At the Ou Mansion, Euralia was also missing him so much that she was watching the moon alone on the balcony.

"Am I supposed to have this kind of feeling?"

She looked up at the sky and talked to herself, feeling depressed.

She knew that Bill would recover soon even without her company. She tried to get rid of this feeling and decided not to go to the hospital to visit him anymore.

She tossed and turned all night and couldn't fall asleep. At last, she couldn't help getting up and turning on the light. She took out the photo album that belonged to them.

Each photo recorded their 12-year experience. Euralia remembered that most of those memories were happy. She couldn't help laughing as she looked at the photos.

There were too many beautiful memories in the photos, which made her feel warm. In her memory, Bill treated her so well that she felt nobody could compare with him.

"Miss Euralia, are you still awake?" Terri came back home very late since she had to accompany Bill. She was worried and came upstairs to have a look when she saw the light in Euralia's room was still on.

Upon hearing Terri's voice, Euralia stood up hurriedly and opened the door.

The moment Terri entered the room, she saw the photo album with their pictures in it on the table. She remembered that Mr. Bill took out his phone and looked at their pic

duced to this condition because of her.

How happy he was to have the meal cooked by her.

If it was possible, he hoped that all her first time would belong to him.

Euralia bought the food materials in the supermarket as told by Bill. When she got back home, she started to get busy. It was the first time that she had been cooking in the kitchen. Now and then, clinking sound came from the kitchen.

She felt a sense of accomplishment when she carried the food she had personally made. She asked the servant to pack it and sent it to the hospital at once.

In the hospital, Bill picked up the chopsticks to eat the food she cooked.

Euralia, who cooked for the first time, looked at him with expectant eyes, waiting for his comment.

"Yummy!" While speaking, Bill picked up a piece of meat and put it to her mouth.

She took a bite. She didn't expect herself to be such a good cook. At the request of Bill, she had lunch with him.

On the days when Bill was in hospital, he ate all the food cooked by Euralia and she would come to have them together with him. They had mutual affinity and had a good time with each other.

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