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   Chapter 84 Cherish Her As His Life (Part One)

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Bill was worried about Euralia all night. But he lost contact for a while, and his condition had not yet improved. He was so tired that he finally fell asleep.

The next morning, when Bill woke up, he was calling out her name. He thought he could see her bright smile when he opened his eyes. To his surprise, he heard a group of nurses shouting outside the door.

"Go to room 1105. The patient's condition is getting worse." When a nurse passed by his ward, she said.

Bill glanced at them and didn't pay much attention. His attending doctor began to remind him of some dos and don'ts, but he didn't take it seriously.

At the moment, he was more concerned about Euralia's condition. He had been living with her for a long time. He had a hunch that something was wrong with her.

It was so strong!

After the doctor left, he immediately called Terri. Finally someone answered the phone. However, Terri prevaricated with a few words on the other end of the phone and then hung up.

When Terri received the call from the hospital, she learned that at first Euralia only had a slight cold and a little fever. But after a night, her condition worsened and the fever was still severe. She had fallen into a coma.

Bill was in hospital and Euralia stayed with him for days. Terri was busy with the chores in the house. That was why she didn't come to accompany Euralia last night.

She didn't expect that Euralia was also ill. In order not to make Bill worried, she had to lie to him for the time being.

Terri had arrived at the hospital to take care of Euralia, but she was still in a coma. The doctor said that she would be in dan

t. They both told each other to take good care of themselves.

No sooner had he returned to the ward than Michelle came in.

"Mr. Bill, are you feeling better?"

"Michelle, why didn't you tell me about what happened to Euralia?" His face darkened as he did not allow his subordinates to conceal anything from him.

Michelle had been with him for a long time and she knew it well. Even if she lied to him for his good, he usually only cared about the result instead of the reason.

"I, I am just worried that you will be even more worried after you know that, and you will not be able to rest at ease." Michelle lowered her head. He had never been nice to her since he got sick. She tried her best to bear it.

"As my assistant, I didn't expect you to lie to me as well."

It could be seen that Bill was very disappointed with her performance this time. She had tried her best these years and never did anything that would make him unhappy. But recently, she frequently made mistakes.

Bill was getting more and more dissatisfied with her, and this time, he directly scolded her.

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