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   Chapter 83 Peggy Came To Herself (Part Two)

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They hugged each other affectionately on the bed. No one noticed that Michelle, who was standing beside, was so angry that her face was livid. Seeing they were more like a couple, she interrupted them right away.

"Bill, you finally woke up. We are all worried about you."

"Miss Michelle, if you don't have anything else, you can go back to the company." He just wanted to be alone with her.

"Bill, Euralia didn't have a good rest these days. Let me stay with you and take care of you. Let her go." She didn't want to lose such a good opportunity.

Now that it was a time when Bill needed care most, she could just develop a relationship with him.

"No, I won't go back. I want to stay with you." She held him even tighter and didn't want to let him go at all.

Overwhelmed by an unexpected favor, Bill looked down at his dear Euralia in his arms, with a big happy smile on his face.

"Well, if you are tired, don't forget to call me." Michelle left helplessly.

There were only them in the ward. They were chatting hand in hand, as if they hadn't seen each other for a long time.

"I still remember that when I was in a coma, I heard that someone said she would not call me brother." He had been wearing a smile since he woke up.

He didn't expect the accident to strengthen his relationship with Euralia.

"Sure. You can let me call you whatever you like as long as you are happy." She nodded her head, seeing his awake as if she had reborn.

"Then you can call me Billy. I hope you can address me differently from others." He said while caressing her hair out of habit.

"Billy, I'll call you like this from now on." The

ered. I want to take care of you here. " Michelle pleaded.

"No need. You can go back now."

Then, he lay down on the bed and went to sleep, ignoring her. His mind was full of Euralia. One day passed, he could never see her again.

He was worried that something might happen to her again.

Michelle left dejectedly again. She thought she could be close to him as long as she sent away Euralia, but everything didn't go well.

She came to the door of Euralia's ward and stared at her with jealousy.

"Now that he loves you so much, you must be seriously ill. How about you two staying in the hospital for a few more days? " Michelle muttered to herself.

She sneaked into the ward and came to open the window.

The wind at night was very cool, which was like adding insult to injury to a girl who had caught a cold and a high fever.

"Just enjoy the cold wind tonight! It's you! " She opened the window and left quickly.

In another ward, Bill kept dialing home phone numbers, but no one answered. He wanted to stand up, but the stinging pain in his chest forced him to lie down.

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