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   Chapter 82 Peggy Came To Herself (Part One)

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Mandy almost broke her ankle because of Euralia's hard push. She hurried to support herself against the wall and tried her best to stand firm.

It's a little bit of Bill's arrogance in this powerful Euralia She used to need to be protected by Bill, but now he couldn't afford to be seriously injured. She would be the one to protect him.

She would never allow anyone to hurt him, not even by a curse of words.

"Euralia, just wait. I won't give up." Mandy gnashed her teeth, covered her red face and left.

After she left, Euralia was relieved and went outside the ward to wait for Bill.

"When will you wake up? What if you never wake up again? " At the thought of this, tears ran down from her eyes again.

Thinking of how carefully Bill treated her in the past, she felt sadder.

"Miss, it's time for dinner." Terri brought the breakfast made by the nutritionists. Without the young master's care for miss Euralia, Terri would certainly take the responsibility.

She didn't refuse, picked up the breakfast and began to eat.

Seeing that she was difficult to swallow but still trying her best to eat, Terri felt even more distressed.

"Don't worry too much. Mr. Bill won't leave you alone. We have to trust him. He will definitely get through this, " Terri sighed helplessly.

Tears rolled down her cheeks again as she was simply eating.

At noon, the doctor came again to do the examination. Seeing that Euralia was still waiting at the door, they couldn't help but persuade her to go back and have a rest.

But she still refused. But her insistence on waiting had finally come to a good conclusion. The doctor said that Bill had turned better and all his aspects ha

ill cared about most.

She didn't want to see them fall in love with each other in this way, so she walked out of the ward slowly with the company of Michelle.

But just then, Bill suddenly called out her name.

"Euralia, I will protect you."

Michelle was so embarrassed that she let go of him.

Euralia turned around and pushed Michelle aside, looking at Bill nervously.

"This is Euralia. Wake up, Bill. I can promise you anything as long as you wake up. Wake up now. " She was so excited that she held his hands tightly.

Bill's eyes rolled a little and then opened slowly.

"Are you okay?" The first thing he said after he woke up was to ask about her safety.

"I'm fine. Do you feel better? Do you need me to call a doctor for you? " She was both surprised and joyful, tears of joy slipping down. He finally woke up. She didn't know how she got through these days.

Bill shook his head slightly. He felt happy and pitiful to see her cry for him. He heard and remembered everything she said to him these days.

"With you by my side, any pain is not worth mentioning." He held her in his arms feebly.

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