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   Chapter 81 At The Crucial Moment Of Life And Death

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10774

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To ensure the safety of the hostage, the sniper shot the criminal in the head and he died.

Bill suffered the cutting with his own body for Euralia and fell in her arms.

"Wake up. You must be okay. I won't let anything happen to you." Her body was stained with his blood.

"Don't be silly. I will be fine." He didn't want to see her sad, so he consoled her with all his strength.

"Don't say anything more. You must hold on. You can't leave me. You promised me." Euralia burst into tears. She couldn't imagine her life without him.

This time, he was hurt because of her again. If something happened to him, she would never forgive herself for the rest of her life.

At the moment, there was only one thought in her mind that she hoped he could be alive.

The ambulance arrived soon. Bill was sent to the hospital.

At the moment, Euralia was waiting outside the emergency room.

Terri and Michelle came to the hospital soon after they got the news. When Terri saw Euralia, she immediately went up to comfort her. Michelle, who was standing beside them, looked at her coldly without saying a word.

She didn't expect things to go this far. She just wanted to ask John to find someone to punish Euralia. She didn't expect that there was an escaped murderer in the bar.

She didn't mean to see Bill get hurt. She was even angrier when she glanced at Euralia who was sitting next to her safe and sound.

Bill could even be willing to die for Euralia! One could imagine how much he loved her!

However, she didn't know that Euralia's feeling for Bill had begun to change subtly.

For the first time, Euralia felt so much worried. It had been six hours since Bill entered the emergency room, and she was restless.

She even thought that if she could pay with her life, she could exchange her own life for his life. But all these were just her whimsical fancies.

Eight hours after Bill entered the emergency room, the doctor finally pushed him out.

Euralia wanted to see how he was now, but she was stopped by the nurses.

The place where he was stabbed was in his left chest. The eight hours of rescue made him pass the crisis, but he had to be sent to the intensive care unit for observation. It was dangerous if he was still unconscious.

The doctor's reaction worried her even more. She hadn't taken a good look at Bill since he was sent to the hospital.

She could only look at the pale face of him through the window.

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault." She burst into tears again.

"Don't be sad, Miss Euralia. It's just an accident. Mr. Bill will be very sad to see you like this after he wakes up." Terri glanced at Bill in the intensive care unit and comforted Euralia with red eyes.

She knew all the time how much Mr. Bill cared about Euralia. And this matter proved that what she had thought for a long time was right.

"If Mr. Bill wake up, please don't get him wrong again. He will die for you without hesitation." Terri's words deeply engraved in her heart.

"I know. I'm too self-willed. It's all my fault."

"Miss Euralia, it's not all your fault. It was just an accident. Don't blame yourself too much." Terri held her in her arms, feeling sorry for her.

Euralia h

ch disgusting words, which Euralia could not bear.

"Is this hospital owned by your family? You want me to leave? You have no brother now. What can you do to me?" Mandy walked around in front of her with a proud look on her face.

Ignoring her words, Euralia kept silent. However, Mandy didn't give up. Her words got harsher and harsher.

"Euralia, I think that it might be very difficult for him to make it this time. You'd better prepare yourself for it and restrain your grief. I have something else to do. I have to go now."

Mandy remembered how arrogant and aggressive Bill was when he refused her. Now seeing that he was lying on the bed at his last gasp, she felt that she was so relieved.

"Wait! Mandy. I haven't finished yet!" Euralia couldn't allow anyone to curse Bill, no matter who he was.

Mandy stopped and turned her head. She really wanted to know what would happen to her.

A slap suddenly fell on her face, and her face became red.

"This one is for myself." Euralia had never been so angry, only blaming her for being too mean.

Mandy's eyes widened in surprise. She looked very angry.

"How dare you hit me?"

Then another slap fell on her another side of the face.

"This one is a warning to you. Watch your mouth from now on."

In order to vent her anger, Euralia slapped her across the face twice. Mandy could slander and even hurt her over and over again. But she couldn't stand her cursing Bill like that just now.

"How dare you hit me? Do you think I won't hit you just because you are Bill's sister?" Mandy wanted to slap on her face.

Euralia grasped her wrist immediately and said word by word.

"I used to be softhearted, but that doesn't mean I can be bullied. I'm not a pushover!"

Mandy looked into her eyes and felt somehow chill behind her. It was the first time that she had seen her so angry since they knew each other.

Her eyes full of hatred seemed to be able to engulf her. Moreover, her hands were more powerful than usual, making her wrist painful.

Mandy tried to get rid of her hand but felt it was tightened.

"Fuck off!" Euralia shook off her hand and shouted.

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