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   Chapter 76 Serving (Part One)

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The dead silence befell the car. It was like a long silence.

"Is Euralia in a bad mood?" Bill asked in a caring tone.

"I forgot to say sorry to Cale. I misunderstood him." When she called him before, she was sure that he had betrayed her.

But today, he appeared in front of her, which made her feel deeply remorseful. She was really too impulsive. That's why she lost her judgement. She misunderstood not only Bill, but also Cale.

"So in the future, you have to think twice before doing anything. Not everyone can be suspicious of you." As a example, he chose to forgive her even though she couldn't understand him countless times.

"Thank you for tolerating me all the time." She said as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

Thinking that he had been protecting her. Feeling warm, she couldn't help but cry.

He smiled and reached out his hand to touch her head. He looked down at her face buried in his shoulder.

"What's wrong again?"

"Nothing. I just thought I was too thoughtless before." While speaking, she raised her hand and wiped away the tears in her eyes.

This wipe wiped off her very exquisite eyeliner, and her eyes went dim.

"Look at you. Your makeup has been ruined. You won't look pretty if you flowers it. " Bill took out a tissue from removable tissue in the car and gently helped her wipe the blurred eyeliner.

"Be careful. I've applied the mascara today." Closing her eyes, she raised her face and asked him to wipe out her makeup.

They were so close to each other that he could hear her short breath. The distracted Bill did touch her eyelashes accidentally. The makeups she had been wearing now looked like panda eyes.

"Are you done?" Euralia slightly opened her eyes and asked.

"Not yet. Wai

ng until she was seated.

However, Euralia didn't sit tight as she had planned but looked around the office. She had paced back and forth for several times. Out of boredom, she walked to his desk and poked her head in the piles of papers.

The way he worked attracted her. She just sat there and accompanied him to see the documents in his hands.

With her company, he became more energetic.

There was a knock on the door. It was Michelle. She was stunned the moment she saw Euralia. The file on boss Bll's head was a confidential file of the company.

Only Bill was allowed to go through the confidential documents of the company, and the others, including her, were not allowed to peek.

"Euralia, you can't read this document." Said Michelle, giggling.

Hearing Michelle's words, Euralia was at a loss. She didn't understand. After all, she studied in the University.

Bill couldn't stand the way Michelle talked to Euralia, so he defended her at once.

"Mr. Michelle, what makes you think you are capable of scolding her?"

"Is this document very important? It's her duty. Don't blame her for what she did just now. " Euralia said in a hurry.

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