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   Chapter 75 A Sweet Feeling (Part Two)

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Michelle had already prepared breakfast in the kitchen. She planned to make up for what happened last night. Now that she had pretended to be Bill's girlfriend, then it was reasonable for her to do so.

After making the breakfast, Michelle was waiting in the living room for Bill.

Euralia followed him downstairs, talking and laughing. They looked very happy.

If Michelle didn't know their current relationship, people who didn't know much would think that they were a lovely couple. Because their behavior seemed very intimate to outsiders.

Instead of feeling embarrassed, they were used to it and put on a smile that made them more intimate.

"Bill, Euralia, I've made breakfast for you. Would you like to have a taste?" Michelle said with a smile.

At the sight of Michelle, Euralia withdrew her hand at once. She was very clear about her own identity. Michelle was her brother's girlfriend, and she was only a sister to him.

"I don't feel like eating right now. Bill, you can go to have breakfast with Michelle."

Her happiness turned into sadness. She still couldn't accept the fact that Bill had a girlfriend.

"Euralia, I'll go out to have breakfast with you." Paying no attention to Michelle, Bill reached out and caught her.

"How about Michelle?" Although she is willful, she is not an ignorant girl. If her brother really wanted to be in a relationship with Michelle, she could try to accept it.

Bill immediately shot a look at Michelle, who quickly understood what he meant. She said reluctantly.

"I suddenly remember something that needs to be done at home. You two enjoy yourselves outside."

Michelle picked up her bag on the sofa and left angri

lling to give up.

"Euralia, if you want to leave, remember to contact me at any time." He said in the end.

Bill couldn't bear to see that he touched Euralia, then he came over and was trying to warn him.

"Cale, I won't get even with your past for the sake of your relationship with Euralia. If it happens again, I will not spare you."

"Bill, I can also tell you. If you dare to make things difficult for her again, I can take her away at any time." After he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Bill noticed his unwillingness, so on the way back, he kept reminding Euralia not to go out with him alone. Euralia replied perfunctorily.

Although her relationship with Bill had eased a little, she was also clear that Cale had no evil intentions on her. His appearance was enough to prove that he did not betray her, and she had misunderstood him.

She wouldn't give up the relationship with him just because of the words from her brother.

However, there were two women looking at them complacently in the direction of their car.

"Mandy, what's your next step?" Michelle said with a sly smile.

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