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   Chapter 71 Girlfriend (Part Two)

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She didn't need her brother's concern or her friend's help. She planned to depend on herself this time.

"Mr. Bill, you're back." Terri greeted at the door of the restaurant.

Euralia raised her head and glanced at Bill who was standing at the door.

"Terri, we have an important guest tonight. Go and prepare the dinner."

Terri was surprised. Did she hear it wrong? Mr. Bill never bring any guests home, so who is so important that Mr. Bill has to personally instruct? '.

"I'll do it right now." Without saying anything, Terri hurried to the kitchen.

When their eyes met, Euralia lowered her head and continued her dinner.

"This is your future sister-in-law. She is our guest. Remember to be polite." He said and turned away.

sister-in-law? She suddenly stopped biting the food. For so many years, she had never heard that her brother had a girlfriend. Where was her sister-in-law?

After hearing this, she was very confused and immediately lost her appetite. She put down the chopsticks, went back to her room and closed the door. She was angry.

Brother has been ignoring me these days. Is it because of her future sister-in-law? When did he get a girlfriend?

The more she thought about it, the more curious she became about her future sister-in-law. At the same time, she went to her own cloakroom to look for clothes.

"Miss, what are you doing?" Terri had already prepared the food and came to ask her to go downstairs for dinner. Seeing her in a beautiful dress sitting in front of the dresser, she tried to draw her eyebrows.

"Well, let's go downstairs." She took a deep breath as she didn't want to lose face in front of her future sister-in-law.

"Miss, what's wrong? "Terri was amazed by her exq

ght that the girl his brother was talking about was Michelle. Euralia hands around her arm immediately let go.

"You and my brother are..."

"Yes, I am Bill's girlfriend. Bill has been hiding something from you. Today, we decided to announce our relationship to the public, "

After finishing her words, Michelle was very happy. She walked to Bill and put her arm around his.

He was expressionless, but now he cared more about Euralia's reaction.

Euralia felt very uncomfortable. She didn't know why she cared so much about the thing that her brother had a girlfriend. She felt strange anyway.

"Euralia, I believe you will bless us, won't you?" Seeing that she did not react for a long time, Michelle asked again.

Euralia gripped her fingers tightly and stared at him.

There was a sad expression in her eyes. She mistakenly thought that Bill was no longer fond of her because he had a girlfriend.

She was upset that he had no affection for her.

Seeing her eyes, Michelle felt a little uneasy. At first, she thought that it was just the feelings of Bill for her, but now she felt that there seemed to be other feelings between the two.

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