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   Chapter 70 Girlfriend (Part One)

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Sitting on the ground, Euralia couldn't help crying out loud. She tried hard to control her emotions.

Standing outside the door, Bill heard her crying and felt sorry for her, but at the same time, he was self-reflection. Was he going too far on this matter?

When Euralia went on a hunger strike in the next few days, she felt that the people all over the world had changed. Cale said that he took her away but gave up halfway. Her brother said that he was good to her, but now he grounded her.

She hadn't eaten anything for a day and a half, but he hadn't come to have a look at her. Only Terri kept persuading her to eat, but she still didn't eat.

"Terri, even if I starve to death, nobody will feel sorry for me, right?" With her lips dry and eyes full of disappointment, she glanced at the food on the table.

"Miss, please eat something. Maybe young master will let you go tomorrow. " Terri gave Euralia bowl and chopsticks.

She shook her head and went to bed weakly. Terri shook her head as she saw Euralia's gaunt face. She was different from usual.

"You can leave now. You will be scolded if you don't finish your work in five minutes." She didn't want to get others into trouble because of her.

Now she had no way to escape. Hunger strike was the last method she used. More than a day had passed, but her brother still did not appear, which made her very sad.

This time, she was too sad to eat anything. She had been used to being spoiled by Bill. Now Bill's coldness made Euralia feel like an animal left at the roadside.

Her brother, who loved her most, ignored her and her friend also be

ected result. "

Every word she said hit the nail on the head. Michelle wished Bill could stop being so nice to Euralia. Unexpectedly, Bill agreed with her and continued to ask her what he should do?

Her answer was to ask him to find a girlfriend, or to alienate her at the right time. As a result, it was not a wise choice to cherish her after she lost her husband.

Bill nodded in agreement. In fact, he also wanted to take this opportunity to stimulate Euralia. If she liked him, she wouldn't have acted like nothing had happened when he took his girlfriend home.

In the afternoon, Bill immediately called Terri to let her go out and she was free in the house.

Having got the call, Terri rushed upstairs to inform Euralia.

After knowing that she could move freely, Euralia was so happy and excited. As long as she could move freely at home, she still had a chance to escape. Her eyes were full of hope.

Terri had prepared a lot of food for Euralia to eat in the dining room with great relish. At the same time, she started to think about the escape plan tomorrow.

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