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   Chapter 65 The Foreboding Of Danger

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"You are her brother, Bill..." Cale gnashed his teeth in anger. How he wished he could just take Euralia away from Bill right now.

But it was too late. Bill's bodyguards dragged him away again.

Euralia was frown coldly all over her face as she wiped her lips he had kissed.

"I'm your sister! How dare you kiss me in public!"

"Why did you run with another man?" Without waiting for her response, Bill carried her on his shoulder and walked towards their car. This time he wouldn't let her escape again.

There was dead silence in the car.

However, she was angry and ignored him. Instead, he just stared out of the window with his cold and calm eyes.

After Cale was taken away by his bodyguards just now, Euralia had been worried about him all the time. After getting on the car, she tightly held the phone in her hand and sent a message to ask about the condition of Cale.

But he didn't text her back at all. She had a bad feeling about this. In consideration of his brother's tricks, Cale took her away without authorization, so he might take actions against him.

She was so worried that she took up the phone and dialed Cale's number. It was beep but no one answered.

"What have you done to Cale? Bill! " In a fit of anger, she took it all out on Bill.

He had been trying his best to control his emotions and avoid getting angry with Euralia. But her words irritated him again. How could she still care about another man at this time.

"Dead." Bill said lightly. Although his heart was already filled with fury, he appeared very calm.

"I don't want you to hurt him. He is my best friend." She was so excited that she pulled his arm.

"Beg me." She was a capricious woman who would never yield to him. He just wanted to see if she would make compromise just because of that man.

"How can you let him go after I beg you?"

"You agree on anything?"

"Yes, I will do anything you ask me to do."

Euralia believed that she was the root cause of Cale's experience. Just now, he desperately saved her from death because of her.

If she and her brother made a concession and he would let him go, why not?

"How important is he in your heart? You can help him unconditionally? " He was green with jealousy, because he had never seen his mother treat him so well.

"Because he is very good to me." There was no trace of fear in her eyes.

Bill sneered and his eyes deepened. He stopped, with a plan in mind.

As for Cale, he had already warned his parents on his own resources that he was not allowed to contact Euralia anymore. As for him, he would not do anything to him.

He had just wanted to know how much she cared about him. The answer made him very disappointed, because all the things he had done for these years was far from being sacrificed by an outsider.

He had nothing to say except silence. This time, she lied to him again. He would not be soft hearted and pamper her willfulness aga

t let him have her.

She grabbed the glass with great difficulty and threw it towards Bill who was behind her. The broken glass had broken his shins. There was bloodstain on his leg.

While he was lowering his head, Euralia pushed him away.

She used too much strength and fell to the ground under the thrust. She was putting her hands on the broken glass, but she didn't feel any pain.

"Bill, please don't do this to me."

On the floor, her hands were bleeding, which made Bill's heart ache. It was just that he didn't go up to help her up. This time, he was completely infuriated.

He would not allow her to be willful, even if she got hurt.

"Euralia, it's all your fault. From now on, I will not allow you to step out of this door! " Bill glared at her, who was injured on the ground, with a flash of pity in his eyes.

But soon his heart was overwhelmed by rage!

"No, I don't want to be here. Let me go. I don't want to stay here. " As she was rolling towards the door, Bill lifted her up again.

He carried her back to the bed, her bloody hands dyed the white sheet red.

She became short of breath and sobbed more frequently.

"No, don't come any closer to me."

"Are you happy to hurt me?" Bill, who was also hurt by the glass pieces, looked at her in disappointment.

"Yes, you're right. I hate your self righteous nature. How good do you think you were to me? A man who treats me well will never force me to have him. "

She plucked up all her courage and rebuked him in a trembling voice.

But he put his hands around her waist again.

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door. After learning from Cale that Euralia had been taken home by Bill, Michelle rushed to the Ou mansion.

Just now, she heard from Terri that there was a conflict between Bill and Euralia. So she came upstairs quickly. As expected, the door of Euralia's room was closed.

"Euralia, are you there?" Michelle knocked on the door hurriedly.

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