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   Chapter 63 You Can't Leave (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-25 00:12

"Euralia, Did you hear what I said? Have you brought your passport with you?" Cale had nagged in her ear for a long time, but she did not respond.

He pulled her arm hard, pulling her out of her own thoughts. Then she took out a passport from her bag.

"I hope as soon as possible." She was very disappointed with Bill because he didn't trust her.

Cale clapped his hands and cheered. He felt that his decision was the most correct one. He immediately called someone to change the air ticket and directly asked the driver to drive to the airport.

"I will take good care of you abroad." He began to imagine the happy life with her after they went abroad.

"If we don't hurry up, we can't go abroad." Euralia knew her brother well. He would definitely go to the airport to find them since he could send someone to follow them.

Cale told the driver to drive on a path carefully while avoiding the crowd and heading straight to the airport. At this moment, Euralia felt very uneasy.

"Here we are. Euralia, get out of the car." Holding her hand, he quickly took the airline ticket and went to the security checkpoint for inspection.

At the same time, Euralia looked back from time to time. She felt that her brother was likely to follow them quickly.

"Sir, I'm sorry. You can't take the suitcase with you because you have an object against the rules in it." The security guards kept his luggage in custody.

"That's impossible. This is not the first time I've been on a plane. All I can see is some clothes in it." Cale got a bit angry. Why did the security guard come here at this tense time?

The security guard put his luggage aside politely and went on to check the next passenger and didn't


"Not here."

"I can't find it here either."

"That's the one left."

The bodyguards all focused on it, in which she was hiding. She was so nervous that her heart beat to her throat.

Just when she was extremely nervous, the footsteps outside suddenly disappeared. At the moment, she heard nothing from outside. Out of curiosity, she pricked up her ears to make sure that there was no sound coming from outside.

Did they leave? She thought.

She waited for more than ten minutes before she opened the door, but there was no one outside.

"It's weird. Why did they leave all of a sudden?" There was sweat on her forehead because she was so nervous just now. She was relieved as nobody was around her.

She walked to the washbasin to clean herself up and had a rest first. She didn't know how to avoid her brother these days. If she was caught by him again this time, she didn't know how he would punish her.

After washing her face, she raised her head and saw a figure behind in the mirror.


"Do you still take me as your brother?" Bill's face took on a ghastly expression. He no longer trusted her.

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