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   Chapter 60 As Long As You Are Happy (Part Two)

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Looking back at the door which was just closed by her, she could not help wondering what was the young master and the young lady doing in the room just now?

"Why did Terri close the door? So hot." To hide her blushed face, she went to open the door.

"Hot?" Astonished, Bill looked at Euralia who opened the door and returned to the sofa.

"Yes, it's very hot! Don't you feel that the room is too stuffy? " Euralia's face was even redder. She kept fanning with her hands.

He thought she had a fever and reached out his hand to feel her forehead.

Not hot! She was blushing.

"Let me Detox you." He whispered in her ear with a cunning smile.

"Help me!"? No, thanks, brother. " Covering her chest with both hands, rose looked away awkwardly.

Bill knew she was thinking something else. He took her hand and went straight to the top of the building.

There was a swimming pool on the top of the building of the Ou mansion. When she was a child, Euralia often asked him to teach her how to swim. However, her ability was limited, so she gave up at last.

If he hadn't dragged her to the roof, she would have forgotten that there was a swimming pool on the roof.

"Brother, you know I can't swim." At the sight of the water, Euralia stopped immediately.

"Let me teach you."

"But I really don't know how to swim." She refused.

Bill didn't force her. He quickly took off his clothes and jumped into the pool.

About today's invitation to her classmate party, Euralia finally accepted. Bill was a little upset, because he could see that Cale liked Euralia.

Swimming might be a good way to release his frustration!

"Brother, you are awesome."

Sitting next to him

"Yes, you are right. I didn't jump from the pool without knowing how to swim," She kept lowering her head and didn't dare to look into his eyes. Every time she lied, he would see through her lie.

He seemed to have the ability to see through her mind, but this time was an exception.

"You are right." Bill sneered.

"I'm smart too. I won't do something beyond my depth." However, Euralia didn't notice his care at all. Her words added insult to injury.

In fact, she had been asking herself countless times why she was so stupid. She was so stupid to jump into the water even though she knew that her brother had practiced the method of closing his breath!

Bill nodded and walked out of her room disappointedly after he showed his care to her.

He didn't know that when he was in danger, she was as desperate as him. He felt very disappointed.

In the bedroom, Euralia was still wondering why her brother repeated his question? She lowered her head and saw his bare feet. His slippers were lying quietly at her feet.

"Brother, you are barefoot..."

He disappeared at the door before she could finish her words.

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