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   Chapter 59 As Long As You Are Happy (Part One)

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Bill knew that she must be unhappy about the reunion. If it was the past, Euralia willfully said attend the reunion, he wouldn't feel so sorry.

She had learned to discuss with him and be a sensible girl. The more sensible she was, the more distressed he felt. He couldn't bear to see her fall into a dilemma.

But when he thought of Lisa, he began to worry that as long as Shirley walked out of the Ouyang mansion, many unexpected things would happen.

"Are you unhappy?" He couldn't help but come to the back garden to look for her.

"No, I didn't." Thinking that her brother in the study asked her to leave, she was a little disappointed. As a result, she was not so enthusiastic to him.

"It's hot outside. Come in." Bill asked in a caring tone.

Euralia nodded. Although she was angry, she followed him into the house.

In the evening, Euralia had just finished her dinner when she received a call from Cale. He kept on asking about the reunion tomorrow. He entangled with her for more than one hour.

Cale didn't hang up until she agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Euralia began to worry. Her brother would not allow her to go out, so she had to find another way even if she would go out tomorrow.

She was thinking about how to escape to the party tomorrow when she heard Bill's voice outside the door.

"Are you trying to run away again?"

Bill knew what she was thinking. Without his permission, she agreed to go to the appointment with Cale. There was no other way except to escape.

At the sight of that, Euralia suddenly turned around, hesitating in speaking.

"Brother, when did you come? 'escape?'? Where can I go? "

"Euralia, is there anything I haven't done well e

irked. He put his arms around her waist tightly.

Sitting on his laps, she chatted with him for a while. Until a figure appeared outside the door and broke their conversation.

"Miss, your clothes." Terri Chen came at a bad time and the scene in front of her made her embarrassed.

At this moment, Euralia was sitting on Bill's legs with her arms around his neck in a very intimate manner.

Terri looked so embarrassed that even Euralia was at a loss for words. She quickly stood up, her little face turning red. Euralia looked at Terri with shyness.

"Put clothes in the bed."

Terri Chen lowered her head, put down the clothes and hurried to leave. Before she left, she even closed the door behind her.

"What did I see just now? Why should I close the door? " Terri had always regarded them as brother and sister since they were growing up.

But the atmosphere in the room just now made her feel very different, and she couldn't tell the feeling. Although she was used to seeing them together, Euralia's expression just now

At the thought of this, Terri tapped her head lightly with her hand and stopped thinking nonsense.

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