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   Chapter 56 Don't Even Think About Being With Her

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10544

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Euralia was extremely happy today. It was not only because it was weekend, but also because Michelle had already come to the house. She could get information about John from her.

As soon as she saw Michelle, she immediately went up to her and asked about John. If it were not for him, she might have been stained by those three men last night.

That thought made her gasp!

Last night, after John left, he didn't text her or text her back.

So she began to worry about his safety. She couldn't imagine what would happen if the hooligans took a revenge.

"Michelle, how is John? Did you ask about him before you came here today?" Euralia sat next to her and asked secretly.

"Don't worry. He is safe now. But he can't show up temporarily. You know that Mr. Bill doesn't like him very much." Michelle comforted her.

"That's good. I just wonder what happened to him. He didn't reply to my messages last night." She couldn't help but mind it.

"It's for your own good. Your brother will restrict your freedom if he sees that. Then it will just be harder for you two to meet again."

Euralia nodded her head without thinking more.

Bill came down the stairs. Hearing that they were whispering, he picked up his pace to hear it. He wanted to know everything about Euralia.

But when he walked over, they stopped chatting. After saying that, Euralia left quietly.

She came to the back garden alone and looked at two lovely rabbits, lost in various fancies. She didn't know what to do if she had to make a choice between her brother and John.

Thinking of this, she thought of Cale Xia again and hoped he was here. At least she had a friend who could give her some advice.

Bill quickly sorted out his schedule and left Michelle in the living room alone, and he went out to look for Euralia.

He had been happy the whole morning, because she warmly prepared a cup of milk for him. Even Michelle found that he had let down a lot on his work today.

She made lots of adjustments when she went to the Ou Mansion before to sort out the schedule, but today, it just took more than ten minutes, which totally surprised her.

Sitting under a tree alone, Euralia was absent-minded and looked at the swing in the distance.

"Why don't you go shopping this weekend?" Bill went to the tree and chatted with her.

"I don't want to go shopping."

"Do you want me to go with you?" He could understand her loneliness.

"I don't like going shopping with men." The ice cold words from her made him unable to answer.

"How about ask Michelle to go with you?" After a moment of silence, he coaxed her again.

"It's a rare opportunity for her to have a holiday. I don't want to be so selfish to let her spend all her rest time on me." She was still very happy in the morning, but when it came to the noon, she looked different.

Even Bill could not do anything to make her happy. It was of no avail. It was said that women were changeable. Sometimes he couldn't understand her complex emotions.

It was time for lunch. Terri came out to ask them to have lunch. Michelle had just finished her work, and she was invit

how much he loved her.

"Let me check on him. You don't need to worry about him, Terri. He is always in good health." After saying that, Euralia ran to her brother's room like the wind.

In fact, she always complained, but she was still very worried about her brother.

The door of Bill's room was open. He was already in bed. He felt dizzy after vomiting so he had to lie down to have a rest.

"Bill, what's wrong?" It was the first time that she saw her brother lying on the bed quietly, which made her a little scared.

Because he had never shown his fragile side to her.

He made no reply. It seemed that he had fallen asleep. She walked carefully to the bedside, craned her neck, and saw his face pale and eyes closed.

"Bill, are you feeling uncomfortable?" She directly shook him.

It was not until then that he opened his eyes slowly. He hastily stood up when he saw her. He didn't want her to see him like this, looking so weak.

But the moment he sat up, he felt feeble and leaned idly on her shoulder.

"I'm fine. You can go out now."

"You are not feeling well, but why do you still hold on?" Euralia was angry and worried because of her brother's stubbornness.

He pushed her away stubbornly and lay down on the bed.

"If you keep doing this, I'm really going to be angry. I won't talk to you anymore." She was going to walk out of the room angrily.

Then he explained to her.

She began to massage his head and back. Even though she was not doing so well, she was trying her best to help her brother reduce the temporary pain.

Bill felt much better under her massage, but he was so greedy for her good care, so he pretended to be uncomfortable all day long to let her accompany him.

He didn't stand up and touch her hair gently until she got so tired and fell asleep.

She became more and more sensible these days. He was happy, but also a little uneasy. Because he felt that she must hide something about the scars on her arms.

He didn't investigate because he hoped that she would tell him first. But it seemed that it was impossible.

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