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   Chapter 54 Meeting Again

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After Mandy apologized, she immediately rushed out of the crowd and left in shame and anger.

The crowd dispersed with the ringing of the bell. Bill walked to Euralia and caressed her head to comfort her.

"I will look into this case thoroughly." The reason why he said so was that he wanted to do something to Mandy.

He couldn't stand it when Mandy set her up again and again.

"Bill, just let it go." Euralia would work off her anger if he did that. At the same time, she didn't have the heart to hurt Mandy. If her brother got involved in this matter, it would not be as simple as quarreling.

"She treated you like this, you shouldn't bear with it." This time, Bill didn't want to follow her will anymore.

"No matter how hard our relationship was, we were friends in the past. And I still want her to be safe and sound."

"Euralia, aren't you afraid that your tolerance would get you hurt in return?" He could not understand her choice.

"Bill, you have been tolerating me for a long time. But I'm even more wayward and said something to hurt you. Why are you still so nice to me?"

He was totally speechless when he heard that.

"Please let go of Mandy!" She begged again.

"This is the last time. If she dares to do it again, I won't spare her." In the end, he respected her decision and left the school for the company.

With a helpless sigh, Euralia turned around and walked to the classroom.

Following behind her closely, Lily didn't dare to come forward. Although she had apologized, Euralia didn't accept it personally.

"Lily, let's go together." Seeing her following, Euralia stopped and asked her to go to the classroom with her.

Lily immediately walked forward and they entered the classroom together. Mandy's seat was empty. The other students didn't look at Euralia strangely anymore. It seemed that they had realized that they misunderstood her.

Today, Euralia regained her quiet study life. Without other people's discussions, she was in a better mood.

The broken friendship reminded her of her friend, Cale Xia. Unfortunately, he was abroad and seldom met her. They had not been in touch for a long time.

Lost in her thought again, she didn't listen to the lesson. In the afternoon, when she tried on the experimental operation according what the lesson taught in the morning, she had failed for several times.

She couldn't finish the experiment herself even after the class was over, so the teacher asked her to stay.

Lily had already passed the experiment, so she offered to stay for help, but she was refused by the teacher.

In the end, Euralia had no choice but to repeat the contents of the experiment in the lab, but she failed again and again, which frustrated her.

Fortunately, she had called Bill and told him that she had an appointment after school, and he didn't have to pick her up. Otherwise, he might have called and put pressure on the teacher to let her go home at this time.

It was not her style to be treated by this kind of special treatment. So she tried not to tell her brother what had happened to her in the school. She just wanted to complete the assignment on her own.

ed." She said injuredly, burying her head in his arms.

"Be careful when you walk alone at night. I can't stay with you right now because your brother will definitely figure out a way to separate us."

"Then when will you be with me all the time?" She pushed him away with displeasure.

"Just hold on for a little longer. I will take you away sooner or later." He comforted her.

"You mean to take me away? And leave my house?" Although Euralia was not satisfied with what Bill had done to her, she knew his brother was also nice to her.

She thought John would convince her brother. She didn't expect him to elope with her!

"Well, don't you want to leave and marry me?" She didn't have the heart to refuse or hurt John when she saw his sincere eyes.

"No, it's not like that. We'll talk about it later. My brother might agree to let us get together some day in the future." Without giving him an answer, she could only put it off temporarily.

Bill had raised her for twelve years, and she was not heartless enough to abandon him for love. Besides, her brother has treated her as well as John these years.

"Euralia, you seem to have changed." John's face changed dramatically.

"No. John, don't think too much. When you asked me to marry you, I didn't hesitate." She didn't want to see him sad.

"Well, I will drive you back first. Don't tell your brother that we have met. Otherwise, he will think of ways to separate us again."

Euralia nodded. In fact, she didn't like what he said about Bill. Although her brother was a little radical, he was all for her good.

She didn't want to hurt either of them. What she could do now was to stall for time and play it by ear.

After sending her home, John left in a hurry. Euralia even didn't have a chance to talk to him. She was a little disappointed. On the way, she heard him talking about their marriage.

But he didn't say a word about whether she was frightened just now, nor did he ask about whether the wound on her body hurt.

However, she was very happy to see him again, and the displeasure in her heart was just for a moment.

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