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   Chapter 43 Meticulous Care

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Bill didn't sleep the whole night. The whole family had to look for food during the day.

If they didn't go out for food, they might losing their lives at any time. This was the price of living in the forest as it was not convenient for traffic. It was almost isolated from the outside.

Before the hunter left house, they had already prepared herbs and food for them.

There were only him and Euralia at home. He had to cook and decoct the medicine himself.

Euralia was still having a high fever. Although she was not conscious, she was still holding Bill's hand firmly. He could only take care of her in person and accompany her all day long.

Ten minutes past noon, it was time to take the medicine. He went out to decoct medicine when she was asleep.

It took Bill a long time to light the fire. His lighter had already fallen into the forest, and they had lit it with carbon flame.

The medicine took more than two hours. But Bill was patient. He ran back to the room to check if Euralia had woken up while filling in the sticks.

As Euralia had a serious fever and couldn't eat anything, she had to take the medicine first. But he forgot that he didn't eat anything the whole day.

It was not until dusk that the hunter came back. Seeing the leftover food, he knew that he didn't eat anything. So he cooked the dinner right away.

"Mr. Bill, your wife's condition is not that serious. You don't have to worry too much," The hunter comforted him.

Bill nodded and looked into the room while eating. He was worried that she would be scared if she couldn't see him when she woke up.

"I really envy that you two love each other so much. There is always a good ending for you." The hunting wife added.

Hearing the word couple, Bill was stunned. But he didn't deny it. Somehow he was happy to hear them call him like that.

While they were having dinner, Euralia made a noise again. Bill immediately put down the bowls and chopsticks and ran to the room to take care of her. Her fever hadn't been brought down for a whole day. He couldn't sleep or eat well.

After the dinner, the hunter saw that Bill was still unwilling to leave her. Her fever had not been brought down yet, and he knew that she must have lacked that kind of herbs.

Today, he went out for hunting and deliberately found the herb that could bring down her fever very quickly, but he didn't find it.

"Mr. Bill, the reason why your wife is still having a fever is that we lost one of the herbs we made for her." The hunter did not want to hide anything from him, so he told him the truth.

"What kind of herb is it?" Asked Bill.

"Rush. But this kind of herb usually grows in the swamp, water or wet environment. As you know, this is a forest. It's difficult to find such a place. "

The hunter shook his head helplessly. He had been looking for it the whole day, but still hadn't found it.

"Rush? What does it look like? " He remembered there were some plants nearby when he went to look for water last night. It was just that he couldn't tell if it was a rush from the hunter's mouth.

The hunter had roughly described the plant's shape. Bill felt that the plant in his description was similar to what he had seen

gine what she would be like.

It was the first time that she realized Bill was much more important than she thought.

"You wake up." Feeling the movement, Bill woke up.

"Well, brother, you are thinner." Tears welled up in her eyes again. She felt a pang of guilt when she saw her brother's life in danger because of her.

"You look thinner. Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something? " A smile crept up on Bill's face. He was about to get up and bring some food in.

However, he was stopped by Euralia.

"Bill, don't leave Euralia, okay?" All of a sudden, she felt that she couldn't live without him.

"Okay! I swear that if I leave you one day, God will punish me! " Bill swear playfully.

"Don't say that." Said Euralia in a coquettish tone.

He sat by her bed and took her petite body in his arms.

"Euralia, I'm serious. I won't leave you for the rest of my life. Because I want to protect you and make you happy. "

Bill confessed affectionately.

But she didn't think too much about it. After all, he was her dearest relative in her heart.

"I promise that I will never make you unhappy, will be never capricious, and will not sulk with you for no reason from now on. I will listen to you from now on. "

"As long as you can stay with me like now and that's enough,"

He thought to himself, but didn't say anything. Although they had gone through two days difficultly, he thought everything was worth it. At least, she was not as cold as before.

Euralia also hugged him and they hugged each other deeply.

Hunting wife walked in with a tray of dishes. She happened to see them. They thought they were a couple and thought they shouldn't disturb the sweet moment.

So she turned around with the food, but it was seen by Euralia. She pushed Bill away and coughed intentionally.

"It's not the right time." The hunting wife said embarrassedly.

"Don't mention it. Thank you for taking us in these days, or Euralia and I wouldn't know what would happen," He had always been grateful to the owner of this house.

In front of them, Bill was not as cold as he used to be, but kept smiling all the time.

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