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   Chapter 36 Revenge (Part Two)

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Her roar attracted more people's attention. The crowd surrounded them and pointed at her one after another.

"Mandy, it's enough. If you go on making trouble like this, you will only embarrass yourself!" Euralia reminded her.

Meanwhile, Euralia apologized to the woman. After all, she was scolded for her.

"Miss, it's not you who should apologize. It's her." The middle-aged woman said to Euralia softly.

The woman could see that Mandy was obviously wrong in the current situation. She had always been in a rude manner, and that was why she had always been swearing!

"Euralia, don't be so hypocritical. You are just a bitch who likes to speak ill of others behind their backs. Don't be fooled by her innocent face, everybody. She is just so hypocritical."

When Mandy saw that the situation was out of control, she began to mock at Euralia and ask the onlookers to help her.

But just now, what she was calling the middle-aged woman had already betrayed herself. No one would believe her words, and they censured her more seriously.

"Miss, no matter what happened, you shouldn't have pushed her just now." The middle-aged woman tried to be fair again.

Mandy was even angrier when she heard the woman defend Euralia. She hobbled forward and raised her hand to slap the middle-aged woman's mouth.

"Enough, Mandy! This is between us. Why did you hurt the innocent?" At the same time, Euralia stopped her.

"It's all your fault. Do you want me to be embarrassed in front of everyone?" Mandy gnashed her teeth and glared at her.

"You asked for it. You hate me, but you vent your anger on others." Euralia replied in an indifferent tone. Now she felt she was so wrong to be her best friend.

"Look, everybody. She did it right? Fighting again! Miss

y, I have something very urgent to deal with, so I'll put off the meeting." He still looked as calm as usual, with his cold voice.

Is there anything that could make him give up the hundreds of millions of profits and postponed the contract? Everyone looked at him in surprise.

As soon as he finished his words, he stood up and threw away the pen in his hand, which slowly fell from the table.

When everyone's eyes shifted from the pen on the ground to his seat, Bill had already disappeared.

The secretary took up the pen and deal with the rest.

Bill drove through several red lights and headed for the hospital. Finally, he was caught up by the police. However, due to his high social status, the police did not dare to stop him.

Euralia hadn't fully recovered and her arm was still injured. He was not at ease to let her go out alone.

At the same time, the driver looked in the rear mirror with a sinister smile on his face, and Euralia was already asleep.

The rough road made the car bump, and she woke up. Looking out of the window, under the moonlight, she saw the dense forest around her. There was no street lamp, and it was obviously in the wilderness.

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