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   Chapter 35 Revenge (Part One)

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Euralia held the door with her hands, pretending to be sick.

"You don't have to go to the hospital. I will call the doctor right away to check for you." Terri held her onto the bed and immediately grabbed the phone on the bedside table to call her private doctor.

"Terri, I won't have a fever again if my private doctor can cure me." At this moment, all she wanted was to escape from home using the excuse of going to the hospital.

"But Mr. Bill has told me that you are not allowed to go out." Terri hesitated.

"Does he want to see me die before I get out of here?" Euralia looked at Terri with a pitiful expression.

"Well, I have to report to Mr. Bill first." Terri didn't dare to make a decision alone.

"I am too weak to wait for his permission. Terri, I feel terrible." She tried hard to drop some tears.

However, obviously her acting skill needed to be improved since she couldn't shed a tear at this time. She rubbed her eyes so hard that they turned red.

Terri also loved Euralia a lot. Seeing her crying, she had to call the driver to send her to the hospital without asking for Bill's opinion.

Lying in the car, Euralia couldn't help snickering. She would have plenty of chances to escape as long as she was out of the house.

She went to the hospital and stayed there for the examination. The result would come out later.

She was determined to stay in hospital for one night until she was discharged from the hospital tomorrow. She sent Terri away and asked her to get her clothes at home.

Terri didn't forget to ask someone to take care of her before she left in order to supervise her.

If Bill and Terri were both here, it would be difficult for her to escape. But it was easy to

just being too sentimental. You don't want me to be with him. You can't bear that he treats you coldly, which makes you feel depressed." Mandy got so much angry that she staggered forward and tried to push Euralia away.

"If I were interested in him, I wouldn't have waited for a taxi here. Mandy, since we are friends, we'd better not have a fight with each other!"

Euralia was pushed back and almost fell. At that moment, a kind middle-aged woman held up her.

People passing by all stopped and looked at Mandy angrily.

"Miss, how much hatred can it have to make you fight with her?" The middle-aged woman helped Euralia stand steady and criticized Mandy.

"Old woman, what's between us is none of your business." Mandy was so angry that she directly insulted the middle-aged woman.

"Mandy, you can punish me if you have any trouble. Don't get other people involved." She put in a good word for that woman.

"Hey, you're just in your early twenties. How could you be so disrespectful?" The middle-aged woman couldn't stand her being so arrogant.

"It's none of your business, old woman. Get out!" Mandy said to the middle-aged woman.

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